I am just going to go ahead and blame BeachAVR8 for this

Aah dusk, such a wonderful thing in X-plane. The night is actually FUN now!


Right on. I love X-Plane airport lighting…it is very good. Feels authentic… And if I had to hazard a guess…that looks a lot like the approach to St. Thomas…(?) Been there in real life and sim life…

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Correct! my favourite airport in 2004/FSX, been flying there for a good decade now! Got the custom scenery that was used by you and @chipwich in the Rio challenge. Loving it so far!

Really, there’s something about the mountain in front and to the left. with plenty of small GA airfields nearby, STOL challenges, and nice long range flights. It’s the perfect airport to me.

Yeah…great airport. Here is a photo I took when we visited there in 2014…looking the other way from your final approach shot…

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Lucky you! Wish I could fly there myself some day!

Save your controller configs with a Plugin called X-Assign. Invaluable, IMO.


Cheers @chipwich !

So, if I’d get one payware addon(aircraft, probably) what should it be? I love smaller aircraft like the King air/hs 748/metroliner size.

Anyone has any strong words about the DHC-2, Socato TBM 850, or the AN-2?

I’ve got the Beaver. The Beaver is fun, nimble, reliable, doesn’t go too fast, lets you get off the beaten path, doesn’t mind getting wet…

wait, what was I talking about again?



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My current favorites are the Carenado B200, PC12, and TBM 850. Thinking of getting their DA40 because an FBO has them nearby and my best friend just sold his Arrow :frowning: For heavier metal the freeware x737 project (payware FMS) is really awesome for the price. If you fly rotor aircraft, the Schweizer S300CBi and Bell 407 are hard to beat, both from Dream Foil Creations.

Environment wise, most folks run SkyMax Pro and the Real Weather Connector.


Speaking of X-Plane, did you guys notice the Oculus Rift key bindings in 10.45? I don’t think they do anything because I can’t get the Rift to run in XP, but interesting that they are there.

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Man…one aircraft in my hangar…let me think on that. In your size range - the Carenado King Air is pretty good. It is a bit smaller…but I really enjoy the Carenado Cessna 337 as well.

Moving up to a bit bigger…I really like the FJS 737-200 because it is so classic and has such a beautiful panel. You won’t go shooting any RNP/RNAV approaches with it…but it is a fantastic old school aircraft.

If you want something really complicated and that will challenge you in that size range - the Felis An-24 is a great deal at $10. I’d love to get the AN-2…but man…that thing is pretty slow.

There really are a lot of great choices out there now.

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Oh…and the FlyJSims Dash Q400 is really good too…and it’s on sale at the moment:

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Okay so this hasn’t been made any easier because everyone offered a dozen suggestions :wink:

Yeah…well, let me narrow it down even further (LOL)…by saying the Carenado B1900, LES Saab 340, the Mu-2, and the J-32 Jetstream are all fantastic too!

Oh damn those look gorgeous too…

In the meantime I’ve had some fun in the Texan:


Try this free A6M Zero…it is really nice…


Did you come to any decision yet? Looking back on a couple of my recommendations…even though they are cheaper…the Q400 I don’t think has a custom FMC…it is just the (horrible) XP10 default one. Which is probably why it is only $25.

Ya the q400 uses default. You can make it work with xfmc (though I have never gotten xfMC to work properly at all personally, let alone with this craft).

xfMC screws with the autopilot a bit though… Something about vs mode being locked to pitch or something so you have to constantly fiddle with the ap while using xfmc. I have no issue using the default FMC, you just can’t program Sids and stars without using every waypoint manually, and if you have to change for whatever reason you better be good at redoing it quick while flying (or just use pause). Good plane though.

The mighty Carenado B200 is the one airplane to have if you are really really weird and only want one in your hanger. No contest. Does everything reasonably well. Fun to fly. Built like a tank. Hauls a ton. Take the door off and throw skydivers out of it. Does not need a long runway. Has a manly panel. Looks sexy as hell. Promotes bad behavior. Accept no substitute.

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