I am just going to go ahead and blame BeachAVR8 for this

I hope that that’s okay, any sights/destinations in vanilla X-plane that I should visit?


Vanilla? I’d just head to the org and grab the a energies you want right away. Just make sure you check the requirements and download the appropriate libraries. also Google xplane custom scenery file order or something to that effect and start learning to edit your .ini file. That’s super important.

I’d write up a short guide but I’m doing Renos right now! Writing this from the can #toomuchinfo


It’s the same as with Skyrim, you appreciate the murderous flying Tomas the Train tankengines a lot more if you’ve seen the standard dragons a few times.

Haha…yeah…actually there are some pretty good default areas of scenery included that were created by Aerosoft (if you look in your Custom Scenery folder they should be in there)…


And by the way - the two of the more useful and probably popular mods are changes to the base terrain mesh by alpilotx. There are two versions HD Mesh and UHD Mesh. Depending on your CPU/GPU - you might want to give them a shot. My advice would be to download a small area, test it, and see how your FPS holds up. They are donation-ware - so you can give them a shot first. I absolutely love them…

Root site: http://www.alpilotx.net/

HD Mesh: X-Plane 10 HD Mesh Scenery v3

UHD Mesh: X-Plane 10 UHD Mesh Scenery v1

The UHD is better, but harder on FPS. Also…there is less UHD mesh coverage at this time.


Those are some magnificent addons on that website Beach!

Gotta say, I am already happy by the non-repetitive scenery offered by X-plane compared to FSX. Finally no more squares everywhere.


The HD mesh is super important if you want things to look the way they should.


I don’t think I could handle UHD. But I did WEP my home airport, Blairstown (1n7), on to of the HD mesh and it is uncanny. I just wish X-Plane could model stalls, spins, snaps, lomcevaks and shoulder rolls and I could save some $$$ on gas.


I find the HD mesh and Open Street Map info is a nice combo on XP10, especially uncanny if you know an area. OSM data here:


Be careful with the OSM scenery downloads though. Sometimes they have invisible objects in the air that your collision enabled. Not on purpose, it’s just bad data.

I had a pack installed that had 2-3 of the flights I was doing constantly ending with engine fires on approach because the plane would literally lurch to the side after clipping something that wasn’t visible. Once I removed the OSM files it never haooened again. That took me a while to figure out because it was only those spots and I’d installed the OSM package a while before, so it wasn’t a ‘new’ install issue.

Obviously it’s rare or fewer people would use them but just something to be aware of.



Got the King Air B200 that was recommended in the introduction e-mail, it’s a fun plane to fly and quite snappy if empty.

In my defence, I also got a small atol-like scenery addon that has a small runway. My only complaint is that the surrounding sea does not have have a little of the light-blue hue.

Oh dear

There’s also a very pretty L-410, I love that bugger ever since I got to see one for real. What’s next? installing those HD and UHD terrain meshes and touring the Caribbean!

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Found a wonderful looking free E-170 from SSG: Embraer E-170 E-Jet by SSG - Civilian Fixed-Wing Heavy Metal 1946 and later - X-Plane.Org Forum

That turned free just the other week. Good timing

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Default King Air and HD mesh for the east coast of Puerto Rico


Nice. The lighting in X-Plane is hard to beat. Particularly the panel and floodlighting options.

Oh yeah, combined with the OSM data and all the cool things people are doing with it. Lovin it!

Also, I’ll have a look at how the python works with XP10, for your trapwire project :wink:

:wink: Yeah…if it were something quick and dirty…that’d be great…but I don’t mean to ask you for something difficult to do. The good news is, the author of one of the add-on carriers has agreed to split off the IFLOLS, which I hope to be able to mount to a dolly or something similar and place on the side of the runway.


I had to take a break from KMUD modding this week. My kid starts school tomorrow…so trying to enjoy this last week prior to “prison”…

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Aaah, how they will miss school once they are grown up… :wink: