I broke my install

In spite of trying to repair w Skatezilla’s awesome utility she would not restart. All because of a mod. I was trying to use a mod that promised more fps in vr. It did not work. When I tried to back up my game something went wrong. After a few hours of CTDs I was fed up and uninstalled the whole sim. Now I got to start from scratch. I’m so disappointed.
Any advice on a new installation for VR?

Good day to all.

If you do reinstall, don’t forget all your DCS settings etc will be held in your

X:\Users\(your_username)\Saved Games\DCS 

…(or DCS.openbeta) directories.

Even with a complete reinstall unless you rename or change these you might get the same result.

You are like the gaming combat medic. Thanks fearless frog. I backed up my saved games folder and hope my missions are there too. Most importantly my stick profiles. Today I will finish my install.
On a positive note, I will start with a fresh install when the CE 2 and MiG-19 get here.

I’m back up and running. Thank YOU

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