I do not heart P3D...



Argh. I borked my P3D v4 install this morning by trying to force an old FSX product into the mix using the famed Migration Tool. It has always worked well in the past, but this time, something went screwy and I get a slash screen with no further action. I tried installing the backups that the Migration Tool makes, but still no luck. Hoping I’ll hit the right step to get back in business because I don’t even want to think about how long a clean install of all my add-ons would take.

Sigh. Makes me love X-Plane all the more.


If nothing else works what about trying a system restore? I have had that work when I borked an IL-2 install.



Away from my system right now, but you can usually resolve a non booting P3D install by deleting the main config file in your AppData folder. Will get the full path for you ASAP. Has fixed my bollocksed up installs a number of times.


Yeah, I had to go the route of running “Delete Generated File” batch file…which sort of wipes your custom settings I think, but I was able to salvage my scenery.CFG from a backup so I don’t think I lost any scenery (that was my biggest concern!) - but I might have reinstall stuff like Active Sky and Traffic 360. It kind of looks like I retained all my SimObjects too (planes and helos)…so maybe I’m OK.


Prepar3d v4.4 was released yesterday… it must’ve been a sign that you need to reinstall anyway…



Something similar happened to me yesterday. I wanted to re-install a scenery but ended up doing the “Delete Generated Files” thing, which required Prepar3d to regenerate new scenery indexes. The process would hang up at 98% forever… I then realized that I also couldn’t uninstall P3D without having to delete every add-on I have installed (and I have a lot of aircraft and sceneries). Just before I resigned myself, I happened to remember that the flushed index folder was still in my recycle bin. I un-deleted it and I could finally load P3D again.

Now, I’m not touching anything until the Christmas Challenge is done. :slight_smile: