I forgot how addictive this game is [Screenshot Heavy!]

It is a proud day for our nation, for our world, for our people. Now let’s launch this thing before the celebratory buffet gets cold!

“Jeb, Command is requesting, for the last time, that you please stop singing ‘Hot Hot Hot’ over the mission radio, over.”

It’s gonna open…right? Like, before I hit the ground?

We all remember the joy of our first spacewalk!


One of the later KSP updates (1.2?) brought the concept of a comm-net. Not only can you put up relay satellites across the solar system - you have to. Without a relayed link back to the Kerbal Space Center, probes have only limited functionality. Relay satellites like this cutie are deployed at target areas (like the Mun) and use their powerful antennas to relay signals across distances that smaller probe antennas wouldn’t be able to make. I’m still trying to make sense of the ranges of antennas, the inherent transmission distance of the probes themselves, and how poor signal affects science recovery.

Time for Billy Kerman to break out his prospecting gear, we dun found paydirt!


One of the best games made and one of the best pre alpha purchases out there back in the day.


I have spent hundreds of hours in that game. Love it.
The main reasons for me to stop playing are new updates that break compatibility with my thousands of mods. But it is nice to see that every time they update they include some of my favorite mod functionality into the stock game.

Totally agree.