I got to say , I had a blast this weekend with the Tomcat

I really did enjoy myself with the F-14 this weekend. It reaffirmed what I had already been planning, its my next module without a doubt.

I have had very few game sessions over the last couple of years where I just utterly lost all touch with reality , the Tomcat gave me that a few times in just 2 days. It could not have come at a more needed time than it did too !

There are still a few things in it that are in dev , but nothing at all to stop a purchase. I never even noticed to be honest.

Well done HB !


As I am fond of saying, the Tomcat is not just a module; it’s a religious experience!






Most well done module in DCS. Textures, Sounds, Flight Model, Avionics, it’s the flagship.


It really is.

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one of my mates summed it up best
" I really want to like the Tomcat… but I’m just - meh "

Personally I think its a beautiful looking aircraft, flying beside it etc. its a big biyatch too.
but i have no wild desire to fly it…

now the OH-58, or a UH-60, or CH-47…
now you’re talking ‘wood’

kudo’s to Heatblur for really producing the goods on this module pretty much right out of the gate though, they have certainly set the benchmark high for their peers.


Both the F-14 and the Eagle are very big Air Superiority Fighters. The Tomcat and the missile it made famous,( or is it the other way around :stuck_out_tongue: ) Had one really BIG JOB , as much as I love Top Gun that was not its main role really , the job of keeping Soviet Bears and Backfires and their god awful huge KINGFISHER MISSILES from hitting its home CV.

Strike Escort and Fighter were secondary really , if you can call it that.Its was in practice, and later in reality ( BOMBCAT ) ,excellent at anything the Navy asked it to do though.

Absolutely beautiful aircraft too .She is/was a very Big Girl in every sense.

Edit: It did, however, take far far FAR to long for the Navy to finally get the proper engines’ in her.Nasty habit of Flame outs under certain conditions, and the jury will forever remain out on how that may have had a impact in full scale combat ops in a cold war gone hot situation.

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