I have forgotten more about ACM than you'll ever learn, grasshopper

… To be specific, I have forgotten how to do ACM radar modes. Does the tomcat have these? Things like boresight, HUD targetting or vertical scan? I find I miss those things greatly, making gunnery harder than it oughta be, and sparrows just so much useless baggage.

Help me obi wan keforum, you’re my only hope! (or a good hour with the fair manual :smiley: )

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They are called PAM (pilot acquisition mode) if I recall correctly.
Edit: I didn’t. PLM (pilot lock-on mode) it was.

The pilot manages them. You have to put the HUD in that mode and you have a key assigned to the stick.


Lol yup. Old man brain here. Turns out I had the vertical scans and the PLM hud scan bound to a hat on the stick. I totally forgot about them.

Now the constant peg III gen3 mission is quite easy lol.

Bind them to something else and that should increase the difficulty level until you get used to the new assignments. exitstageleft


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RTFM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah PAL and PLM are two different mode. ANd then there is VSL (HI & LO)


Welcome to the mudspike dude! The cat is quite a dogfighting machine if one does not forego the radar modes you mention isn’t it?

thx :3 Indeed. But I never really found a Use for PLM or VSL HI. PAL AND VSL LOW work pretty well tough.

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I use the PAL (that’s the one that does a quick horizontal scan, yeh?) quite a lot, as it locks further out, up to 10 miles if I’m not mistaken, unlike the vertical scan that locks at 5 miles. 10 miles is a fine range for sparrow-to-the-face, one of the few things those bloody bottle rockets are good for.

PAL is 15 miles, VSL and PLM are 5 miles. Use PLM in conjunction with the crosshairs to lock a target in front of you, use VSL HI in a dogfight to lock a target on your 12 high (BFM Lion and Sun mission illustrate this one very well).

I just saw this…Mixing references to the 1970’s Western-Martial Arts TV drama (Kung Fu; 1972-1975) with the original Star Wars films?…brilliant…simply brilliant. :clap: