I heart Office 2007

I’ve been having a very “GET OFF MY LAWN” moment the past two days. Long story short, I dabbled with my company access to Office 365 the past couple days. I was like…WOW…this is great, I have access to all these great tools that are constantly updated. In reality, I only need two things: MS Word and MS Excel. That’s it.

So I get to work on some articles out at work and I’m trucking along and everything seems OK. I see the documents are saving in real time I guess. I get paged, shut my computer off, go flying, and come back home this morning and hop on Office 365 from home. Go to open the document that is supposed to be in the One Drive, and it is an old document. I lost like half of what I typed. Grrrr…what the heck?

So I open my laptop, that I had been using at work, fire up 365 there, and I see there is a newer copy of the document saved locally. Great, I didn’t lose anything. So now I want to work on it on my home PC. I try to send it to my desktop or Dropbox or something and the computer says my account doesn’t allow for that. In fact, the file is saved on my company One Drive or something and I can see now way to export it, it keeps telling me to login to 365 and when I do it says that function is not supported. Argh.

I feel myself getting warm and angry. That happens sometimes.

Anyway, long story short. I just dug out an old CD/DVD burner, plugged it in to my USB port (no DVD players on any of my computers these days…lol) and dug out an old copy of Office 2007 Ultimate that I had in a closet. Installed it to my desktop and laptop…and I am in love with how quick, fast, responsive, and simple it is to use. No keyboard input delays, no shared file stuff, no integration or clouds or anything. I love it.

Thinking about downgrading my phone soon too…



The last security patch for Office 2007 was 13th Jan 2009, so as long as you’re not ever connected to the Internet then you’ll be fine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, I know what you mean. I still reach for Notepad64 just to type, as simpler is often better.


Well, the good news is, anybody that hacks my computer will just get a bunch of old LOMAC .jpgs…haha…


I think I read somewhere that Stephen King or someone like him still uses WordPerfect 5.1 or something… :rofl:


If the keylogger driver via the 0-day on your office print spooler service doesn’t come up with anything interesting for online banking, then it’ll just be fine as a botnet member. You could be DDosing mudspike before the month’s over :robot: :mudspike: :wink:

I like writing on a full screen view. Something like VSCode (free) is a nice plain text editor.


What was the last Office offline edition anyway? Maybe the 2019 one? That 2007 key might work, dunno?

I just use Google Docs with the Chrome offline extension when working with others, or I heard Libre Office is quite good nowadays.


2019 is the last, supposedly. It’s not marketed highly and hidden well behind a layer of Cloud!

2016 would be the last “mainstream” one.

If you have some very good friends, share an Office 365 family bundle - 1TB OneDrive per user, 5 users, multiple devices allowed per user plus phone apps if so inclined. My dad bought it to use OneDrive to easily share and backup the family photo archive, so I got mine for free.

Close friends are family, right!


OpenOffice, Libre Office, there’s more solutions out there than Microsoft these days.


Thinking back, I think Microsoft Office lost me when I didn’t install Outlook on a new PC. Gmail sort of killed it. Ironically Gmail seems to be getting slower and slower, so maybe we’ve come full circle :large_blue_circle:

I remember installing Microsoft Streets and Trips (anyone remember that?) and then realizing perhaps the new Google Maps might be better :slight_smile:

Plus for full nostalgia mode, used to love Encarta vs the Wikipedia days we have now. I remember my folks had these beautiful shelf sets of red Encyclopædia Britannica books and thinking the CD Rom was the ultimate way to do it.




Wow…there’s a blast from the past!


Dang…yeah, I remember that. I actually think I had that on 6 CD-ROMS or something. I was amazed I could see down to street level. Pretty sure I was using a Pentium 5 at that point…and I was beachav8r@aol …haha…


LOL… Rocking the Hewlett Packard…pretty sure that is an EAW disk on my desk? ENHANCE!





I was inconsolable when the 7217(?) error made it unplayable.


There’s a fork of vscode that disables all the sending-data-to-the-mothership a**hattery. It’s called vscodium, if anybody cares.


Libre Office does everything you need. They even do a halfway decent job of keeping up with MS constantly making their file formats more complicated for the purpose of breaking compatibility with other software.

I use only FOSS stuff for office work (Gnome Evolution works good enough with my work office 365 mail and calendar) except sublime 3 as my editor (for TeX and writing code). Never looked back.


Not quite technically correct to call it a fork but you get the picture.

Oh, absolutely…!
I mean, it’s not as if I thought you meant a :fork_and_knife: fork…! Pssh! That would’ve been stupid! :woozy_face: