I just did a thing…

I slightly overpaid for my 4070 last year, but I sold my 2070 back to Newegg at the same time so it wasn’t a big deal.
I’m waiting to see what the 5070 or similar brings before I upgrade again, but at 1440p 2D it’s strong enough for max settings in almost everything I play, albeit I use FSR or DLSS in several games.

From most reviews I’ve watched the 4090 is 50-80% faster than my 3080.

The 3080 will go into my dev PC. I do need to replace the HDD on that one with SSD’s; it still runs fine in 2D for my purposes but you can tell the HDD’s are the problem. They are 8 years old and have seen a lot of use.


Yup… switched to SSDs primarily a couple years ago along with M2 in the last year. Spinner HDDs are now just for data storage at this point. We are finding the same needs at work with solid state being needed for Windows 10 and 11 at this point.

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Btw have you considered AMD (7800X3D)? If so, why Intel?

I mean we are still talking stellar performance but I am curious. Next week I am discussing a new rig with a guy who built it for me some 4 years ago and want to understand pros and cons of various options.

This is anecdotal - I have no firsthand experience - but from what I’ve heard and read it doesn’t seem that DCS sees the same boost from the additional cache memory that the X3D chips have.

That doesn’t mean not to get one, they’re still great number mills, but it opens up other options if you don’t need the 3D cache for some other application…

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I just found a 2nd hand Varjo Aero at Marktplaats.nl. It comes with basestations and things, and the guy wants well over a thousand for it… Worth it or should I soldier on with the G2 until the Pimax Super gets released? I read bad things about the pimax level of comfort, but without the battery it should be better. How is the Varjo in that aspect? And how does the Varjo FoV compare to the G2? I know some people here have Varjo Aero HMD’s…


I am right in that profile: ex-user of G2 (still in my cellar though) and current user of Aero.

Resolution: Aero hands down also due to the lenses.

FOV: Yeah… about the same if not a tad smaller in Aero. But can’t complain as I just got sucked in in terms of seconds.

Performance: Same? I used all of my 4090 power on the poor G2 and oversampled it brutally. Use the same res for Aero… so not much difference in performance.

Comfort: G2 hands down. For me.

Price: Used Aero with 2 base stations for more than 1k euro you say? That is a bit steep. A new one with 2 base stations set me back for some 1300 euro +/-. That was during the sale they held to empty the stock.

Dunno… is a new Aero still available?


Could you negotiate the price?


How about the new Pimax Crystal Light? Res the same, price OK and now available.


Thanks, I needed that :slight_smile:

It’s EOL officially.

Yes I can, and unless he’s coming down significantly, I’m waiting for pimax crystal thuper. Crystal light is not an option for me, I want the eye tracking. Also read some not-so-great things about pimax build quality.

This surprises me. The Varjo should be much better with the fan and neater headband.

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I agree with @apollon01.
I almost returned my Aero due to discomfort. But I tightened the straps until my head conformed… :wink:
I guess it grew on me.
It’s a great VR headset, but as you know, Varjo seems to be dropping out of the consumer market, unfortunately.

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The fan is great indeed.
I usually go for 60-90 mins VR sessions and never felt discomfort with the G2. The Aero is a different story though. I may try the overhead strap I still got from my Samsung Odyssey, if I find it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well I am still NOT there it seems :grimacing:

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Comfort is much better. Not great, but fur sure better. As others have mentioned: this is dependent on your head, I guess. The G2 was grueling. Somewhat better with a few ‘field mods’.

FOV is about the same - not better.

Image is much better. DFR is great and does really seem to add to the performance…however: it’s hard to compare vs the G2 because the last G2 version I ran DCS on (my only recent platform for comparison) was pre multi-threaded. YMMV here.


In my case, when I bought my i7-12700k the 7800x3d wasn’t out yet. :wink:
I have at least another year if not more on it, too. Next time around I’ll be going to DDR5 whatever I get, so it will cost me a bit more as I’ve been able to reuse DDR4 for awhile now.


Well I took a leap of faith and ordered a 4070Ti, I am hoping I made a good choice as this was the most I wanted to spend on a GPU… I get it this wednesday…

Now to figure out what to do with the 2080Ti I have…


Welp, I guess I jumped on the bandwagon without reading this. I just put together a computer. I just took possession of it a couple of hours ago. Here are the specs. An Asus TUF 4070Ti Super with 16Gb of RAM. YEAH! I hope it is good. Other goodies in the Antec AX90 case are AMD 7800X3D cooled by a Giant Noctua NH-D15S (BLACK CROME) on a ROG STRIX B650E-F. I put 64GB of Kingston Fury DDR5 and X3 Samsung M.2s. C Drive is a 2 Tb while the other two are 1Tb jobbies. Its sitting next to me on the floor where i just picked up but I am exhausted. I am no longer getting old… I AM OLD.


Well so far mytesting and running DCS and MW5 in VR are outstanding… I was able to get the Rez of the G2 to 80% and have turned up alot of the settings in DCS in never looked better…

Heck I am going to be held over until I can get a Crystal light it looks so good now…
I am still going to need to do some more testing and tweaking but all in all this card is a good one for me YMMV!!


Am I pulling a @PaulRix and being a bad influence on everybody?


I’m kind of thinking I should pass my Bad Influencer title on to you Ted…:rofl:


The stories I can tell you from my military AND college days of being the best bad influence ever…