I just want to change the time zone

I mean…really Microsoft. All I want to do is go down there to the system tray, change my time zone from Eastern to Central for the week. And apparently that very, tiny, infinitesimally minuscule little task cannot be done by the very menus they present to do it.

Listen. I know my laptop isn’t a watch. I’m probably unreasonable in wanting to change time zones easily. I know, I could…in theory…just run down to Best Buy here in Dallas and probably buy a computer that is PRECONFIGURED for the Central Time Zone. I could do all those things.

But I’d like. No. I’d LOVE to be able to go down there to the time…right click, select adjust date/time, select a new time zone…and…


I’m so angry I want to summon the paperclip helper. That’s how irrationally angry I am. That I can’t change the time on my laptop.



Perhaps tell it where its located and it changes the timezone itself?


Umm what am I missing here?

Does that not work for you?

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Gonna have to go with @jenrick on this one.

Perhaps, give it to a kid and let them set it for you?? :older_adult: :older_adult: :older_adult:


OMG, Beach is already grumpy and I don’t think he’s even a grandad yet LOL! :slight_smile:


That auto setting does not work. I know…crazy… If I select it and exit that menu…it just snaps back to the Eastern time zone… :man_shrugging:t3:

You don’t want auto. Turn it off and set Central Time manually? If that doesn’t work I’m about to freak out!

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Hey…that actually did it. For some reason, I wasn’t comprehending that box that says CHANGE under the auto/manual options as something I should click - instead, I was just deselecting Set Time Automatically and then going down and moving the time zone in the drop down window to Central Time…and every time I closed the box out it would stay at Eastern. I see now where the CHANGE box is…which brings up a whole different menu to change manually. So it does beg the question - why even have the Time Zone drop down menu available if it can’t change anything?

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Paradigms can be a ■■■■■. The guy that used to tell me that was always like, “I need a new set of eyes to look at this problem.”.


I believe in order to set the time zone automaticlly you have to give windows permission to know your location. If windows thinks your still on the east coast im assuming it will automatically select EST

I very often have my copilots do exactly that because the NOTAM system in the United States is absolutely terrible. You can have pages and pages of NOTAMs that could affect your flight, but you have to make sure you find the right ones out of the forest. Some flight planning companies and software have attempted to make it a bit better by using red text for some trigger abbreviations like CLSD…but sometimes the NOTAMs seem to be written to help you fail. My favorites are the ones where there are pages of taxiway closures, lighting inops, taxiway signs that are nonstandard, and buried in the middle of it is the notice that the runways is closed, but the airport is not (to allow helicopter operations).

Having a second set of eyes has saved me many times.

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Wow. That right there is when you know you are desperate.

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The old guy used to say, “Paradigm shift is everything. Your ideology has to be flexible.”.

ERMEGARD! I think a vessel in my head just exploded when Microsoft Edge just decided to interrupt my work with a new Edge installation that requires me to interact with it to get it off my screen.

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Two Words: “MacBook Pro”

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