I made it a Bf-109K weekend with mods

My fellow pilots,
Oh what a great weekend it was. I decided it was time to get serious about the WW2 Modules. I barely used the 109 since it hurt my feelings trying to take off and I was even worse at landing it. Same goes with the Fw-190. So it was time to get cracking. I set a goal of ten takeoffs with a similar number of landings.
First things first. Chucks Guides should kept close at hand. They are excellent. I spent some time reading and getting familiar with the various systems of the 109. Next I ensured the Axis setup was correct for these birds. Its in the guide. In about an hour I was taking off and landing like a… well, like a noob but without damage to the aircraft. On takeoff I find my right foot pushing the pedal to the wall while taking off.
Next came familiarization with the handling of Messer. It really is a wonderful aircraft. I was unable to Kill the Mustang in the Quick start unless I got lucky. I decided to practice on bigger game. Martinkle makes various mods for DCS. I like them all. The P-38, DC-3, He-111, Betty Bomber and B-17 can all be found over at DCS official site.
I set up a flight of B-17 in a combat box with different skins over a nice layer of overcast. At 6k I was killing them. Then I realized… They were not shooting back. So I used the opportunity to get my gunnery skills up to par. After a bit of this I was able to fly the K with a bit of confidence. In the Quick start mission I was now able to defeat the Mustang almost every time. Jumping back into the B-17 mission I added 4 more bombers. To my amazement this time they fired back and boy, oh boy, do they ever put up a barrage. I was beat down a few times but they were not impossible to down. Its some goodaction and you forget you are in DCS for a bit.
The battles were simply amazing.


Stories like this make me want to try mods again. It’s just that everytime I’ve tried mods, I ended up breaking my install irreparably (even that one time I used JSGME).
Perhaps once I’ve moved I’ll try again

I know there is nothing worse than breaking your install. Here are some tips. After you create a good install, back it up to a drive where you know it will be safe. I make a BackUp folder then a DCS Stuff folder inside I put the whole DCS Install plus the stuff in the saved games folder too. It all gets backed up.
Spend a little time learning how the folders are arranged in DCS. Navigate your way through it like a boss. Then you should be able to add a mod and remove it without any problems.
The Mods I mentioned are simple drop in Mods. When you get a Mod, make sure you unzip it and see how it is packaged. I.e. If you get a mod and you open the folder Say it is “B17” in a zip file, You open it and the first click is a folder named “DCS” Then you click on it again and it another folder says “Mods” now you click another time and it says “aircraft”. What the modder has done is let you know where to put this file. Now you click another time and there is the “B17” folder. Grab this folder and only this folder. Now navigate to the DCS/Mods/Aircraft folder and drop B17 in there with all the other aircraft folders. That is it! Done-sky! :slight_smile:
Good Luck.

I get the folders thing, that’s how I fixed my broken install last time:I found out that way that something had been messing with my Bazar folder so I just deleted the whole thing and ran a repair. Took a while for all those models and liveries to download, but it worked.

Maybe I have been lucky, I have not had any problems with any mod so far. I don’t run textures or anything. Just a few extra target aircraft.

The Kurfurst can be a hand full after rotation; that’s a lot of torque you’re dealing with. A little bit of right rudder and you’ll get used to it.

I’m loving the 109. Crosswind takeoffs/landings are still brutal - there’s so little yaw control authority…

The key may be reducing power a little.

Well for me the key things are complete down trim, I power up confidently use the brakes and recognize when to use the rudder. I usually take off with my foot to the floor on rotation. I don’t really rotate… This thing flies itself off the runway