I May Have Made Some Christmas Purchase Mistakes

I’m sure it is, but let’s all take a moment and consider the quality of the CH gear…!

Show us pics of the good stuff, @Brennus!


I’m gonna be honest, I feel that this is absolutely the only place where I can admit that replacing my CH HOTAS with new hardware, has been a bitter sweet experience! Just like maybe replacing an old car, there’s an irrational emotional attachment to this stuff!

Anyway, pictures will come soon! The only notable difference will be the inclusion of the floor mat, but I’ll include pictures of the Wheel Stoppers as well.

And, maybe my new socks…


I know what you mean. I have kept old game port joysticks for this reason…

If wishes are allowed, I’d like some detail pics of the rudder pedals, in addition to your socks…naturally…!


Yes, the glossy piano black rubber mat is a dirt magnet!

Wheel Stoppers . . .

I’ll be sure to take some glamour shots later today! In the meantime, enjoy these sock pics!


Glamour Shots:

It’s a dust magnet!

Sorry if the pics are too dark! New phone, new camera! I’m still working on tweaking the picture quality!


:+1:Dang……those look Prp Grade….nice purchase

Just a quick follow-up with some proper first impressions, after a bit of more substantial use.

The outstanding build quality (the unit is almost entirely made of steel) speaks for itself! It feels good, and overall very smooth!

But . . .

There’s a bit of play in the center of the main axis! I will have to experiment to rule out user error, but my gut tells me it’s the spring at fault! Also, the default software deadzone is absurd, there really should be zero default deadzone with controls of this quality!

When I remove the spring entirely, and leave just the damper, the controls are as smooth as butter!

I cannot wait to find a proper replacement for the included spring!

Anyway, I’m overall very happy, and I would very much recommend the purchase if your in the market! Just, be mindful of the included spring!

It may also be the cam: the “(”-shaped structure that the spring pushes up against, which determines how much force is exerted at any position.

Did winwing provide different cams? If so, might be worth trying out some others to see if they feel better.