I spend more time retrieving passwords...

…than I do being productive or playing games. I swear I do.

My nightmare scenario this morning - one of Kai’s friends came over and Kai, his cousin, and his friend all want to play Minecraft together.

  1. Get visitor on our Wifi - simple enough.
  2. Oh, Kai and Joseph need an X-Box login now to play online?
  3. Go to X-Box login.
  4. Oh, parental controls make me require an exemption for xbox.com
  5. Put in exception.
  6. Enter xbox.com
  7. None of my passwords seem to work. Retrieve lost password.
  8. What are the last 4 digits of my cell number?
  9. Text me recovery, enter that, reset password.
  10. Check e-mail because someone wants to change your password.
  11. Confirm, enter code to reset password.
  12. Reset password.
  13. Login on ipad.
  14. Can’t login because x-box.com is different than x-box sign in dot whatever login page, need an exception
  15. Login on ipad.
  16. Now start with Josephs ipad. Repeat all the above steps, only with different security passwords since his ipad is on my wife’s account.
  17. We only have one x-box account which I never use - both can’t use it simultaneously.
  18. I give up, pull the main CB on the house, claim a tree fell on the powerline, and send all the kids to the pool.

Honestly. I’m about over technology despite how much I do love some of the things it provides. I’m just so tired of chasing passwords and logins and 2FA and how Google and YouTube and everyone seem to take over each other and new methods get added weekly.

I know I’m ranting. I’m just super frustrated at wasting so much time when my time seems so precious.

I think the iPad and Apple are the worst though at this point. At least the Nintendo Switches are pretty friendly with each other. I’m tempted to buy all my kid’s friends Switches just to put myself out of this cross platform misery. That or set them all up on Steam and ditch all the tablets.

Oh yeah. Get off my lawn. Grumble grumble.


Now trying to add Kai and his cousin to my Microsoft account…and…really? They have to have an e-mail or phone number? Because every parent wants their 8 year old to have one of those right? I guess I need to make throwaway e-mail accounts?


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I’ve resorted to doing the exact thing they tell you never to do, saving all them on a file cause i can’t keep track anymore. Don’t use the same one for everything, don’t keep them somewhere, blah blah blah. Well at least the file I saved them on isn’t named passwords, so there’s that.


Oh man…Microsoft is about ready to have me blow a gasket. So I created e-mails for the two boys (Kai and his cousin) and made them family members. So I suppose I’ll have full control over their accounts at least…but I disagree in principle with having kids have an email account regardless of who it falls under. Got them logged in and back to the iPad, got one in the game. The second, I need to change his “Gamer Tag” to something other than my name, when I hit that…it takes me to the App Store to load X-Box for iPad or something.


LOL…the best tactic is to not have any money for people to steal anyway…LOL…


I do recognize having similar meltdowns…on occasion…! :wink:

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If that’s the case then mission accomplished. Also when you are done yelling about folks on your lawn you can switch to doing this

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Imagine having one account that could be used for everything…yep won’t ever be seeing that…remember with big corporations the user comes last with ALL of them.

Password file not too bad a thing IMO at least you know where it is and can encrypt it when required.

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May I recommend:


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Having worked in security and seen how easily some of these have been taken apart am not a massive fan must be said.

Yeah…me and @fearlessfrog had some good discussions about that - actually…more him schooling me on better securing stuff and me attempting to listen. And I actually do use a tool like that for most of my stuff. It has been good-ish…and seems to work OK. Honestly, I’d love for some universal retina scan thing or something where I could just use a biometric to access all my accounts. You’d think by now (I love that saying) there would be some facial recognition thingy that coupled with your voice to let you in to things:

“LET ME IN NOW DAMMIT”…oh yeah…checks out, that is DEFINITELY him…!

I have separate unique passwords and account names for anything that involves money such as my bank, paypal, etc; and one additional unique username and password for my email.

Other than that, I pretty much use the same user name and PW for everything else. If someone can hack my old SimHQ login and impersonate me on 4 other flight sim forums, I’ll deal. I don’t use social media, and we have to use a hardware token for work stuff, so nothing else is really that important.

I get that it’s not ideal security wise, but it makes life a lot simpler to only have to remember a couple passwords and usernames for 98% of my browsing.

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My experience of the iPhone X would suggest another 10 to erm 100 years :wink:

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The beginning of this thread had me absolutely rolling as I’ve had more than my fair share of run ins with MS security and two kids with Xbox’s. It’s absolutely MADDENING how difficult they make it and how confusing it can be… In fact, I dread any time one of them wants to have new permissions for something.

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I’d rather people do that then write them down on a post it note and stick it right to the monitor. Or worse, stick it under the keyboard.

Apple and Xbox are a pain for sure.

Actually, it depends on the ‘threat model’ or what you care about or think is the most likely risk of something happening. If @BeachAV8R cares more about someone online brute-forcing his password (or stealing it from another site and assuming it is the same) than he does his wife seeing it or someone breaking into his house to find his passwords, then using https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/ and writing them down on a bit of paper per site and sticking it on the monitor is probably a better fit for him. I mean that isn’t a good habit for working in an office or at the NSA but it’s probably better than using a weak password you try to remember everywhere.

A password manager works best, but another good fit for a lot of people at home is:

1 - Make sure your email (gmail etc) is using two factor authentication, i.e. your phone runs Google Authenticator or an equivalent one-time-password generator. Use a password on your email account that is not used anywhere else and is not your luggage pin.

2 - Use https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/ and generate a password and use it when you create a new account anywhere.

3 - Don’t record or try to remember the password at all, just rely on the password reset (which goes to your email that actually has 2FA on it) if you ever need it, otherwise and you’re on a computer you own, use the browser’s smart lock to remember your passwords, which are unique per site and synched between devices anyway.

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I always go back to this whenever this portion of network security comes up:

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Phrases are fine, but only if you use 5 or so sites. Also, ‘correct horse battery staple’ is now within the top 1000 dictionary attack entries. :wink:

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I’m rather impressed with the face recognition of the X.
Me wearing sunglasses, a headset with a boom mike; Sure! That’s Troll!
Me, in bed, awaken by the alarm at zero dark and a half; Never seen that guy before! Besides, animals should not use phones!

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