I think I want to try MP but I'm a n00b

Hi guys,

I just installed the Simple Radio Thing and tried joining a couple of servers (hoggit tuesday night n00b and hoggit caucasus war)
On the first server nothing at all happened. I loaded up, chose a plane and… nothing.
So I left and joined another. I saw people take off (very sloppily!) and I found and killed a bandit. Then I got shot because VR and no labels. Never heard or read a single word from any of the players on there.

I’d also like to fly with you guys, not some rando’s.

If that’s how it’s supposed to be, I rather play SP because the framerates are better.

Or am I doing it wrong?

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I know for the servers hosted by members here, we usually just use teamspeak, but I’ve been on the fence about diving down the simple radio myself.

Paging @near_blind

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…updating teamspeak

Well if i may add in.

Small servers with only a handful of guys all doing the same objective, really there is no need for simple radio as you most likely should all be on the same frequency anyway. Unless you like the fact that you can dial your frequency and talk through it and have radio effects so a little bit of immersion works well. But for unpopulated servers Teamspeak works fine.

However, its when you want to be into something more dynamic like “blue flag”, or to a lesser extent “through the inferno”, is where simple radio shines and teamspeak won’t benefit you much.

So think of a server where you have about 25 players on your side. a GCI, helicopters building stuff, strikers hitting multple targets, transport helicopter trying to get troops to objectives, cap flights and intel flights. Its gonna be a mess on teamspeak. So great aervers like these assign standard radio frequencies for you to tune into to help what you want to do.

A flight goes something like this.
Call in on airport atc to advise taxi and take off from x runway. You also can hear people announcing approach and landing on runways. Really cuts down on accidents at airfields. Once airbourne we can choose a discreet frequency for our flight to chat on and also dial up the gci to co-ordinate our mission.

Gci vectors us to bandits, targets, airfields and we talk on discreet micromanaging our formation or tactics. However, gci is also talking to helo’s and strikers and coordinating the lot.

Lets say, i am a helicopter and there is no gci. I can call helicopter standard freq and see if i can team up with others or assist. I can dial up a sector frequency to see if anyone needs a radar, troop deployment or maybe even a jtac dropped off. I can also call for air cover and if someone accepts, i can monitor their discreet frequency and directly communicate to them.

This is all possible with simple radio. Basically using radios like radios are designed to work. Its great on a populated sever where lots of others use simple radio “blue flag”.

Its free, easy to use install, give it a go! it really does add to immersion and greatly improves situational awareness.


I’d start with simple servers first and not worry about radio til later. Get a feel for the environment and such. Also depends on what you wanna do, like AA or AG. I’d be happy to wing with you sometime, but I’m more of an AG focus and I only have the bug, Harrier, Mirage, and Viggen. I do fly the Su-25T a lot, too, if it’s available.

As I’m deaf, I’m not sure whether or not it helps to have comms on where it’s pretty much just me talking and no info comes in. So I’ve stuck with the text chat and it can work, with the right players.

One great thing about simple radio from the noob’s perspective is that you are completely anonymous. With Teamspeak you have people funneling in and out asking you stuff and generally being good people. But the new player may wish to just play in his own corner and slowly work up at his own pace. With SRS there is no player list. And with a large server like Blue Flag you can completely do your own thing. Treat it like single player while you enjoy listening to other players coordinate on the GCI freq. it’s really the best of both worlds. Personally, I normally have no difference in performance between SP and MP unless the server itself is showing signs of struggling.

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to reiterate what has been said, if you join a MP server by yourself, its really not that much different than singleplayer except for you don’t know the exact placement of enemies because you didnt create the mission. (This is why I like MP so much more)

Playing with a group of people you know on a MP server is where the fun is. Just stalk the teamspeak server page and when you see 3 or 4 guys in there, chances are they are playing DCS somewhere.

I might be in the minority, but I don’t like turning on SRS or joining TS3/Discord when I’m playing with people I dont know. The chatter on some MP servers can be ridiculous. Anywhere from dudes trying to file IFR plans to someones mom yelling at them. I much more prefer the professionalism of Mudspike TS3.

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That’s the kind of thing I was hoping to find yea

I tried that, but the text chat window somehow never showed up after I pressed the “open chat” key

Yeah I want that too! I been reading those blue flag AAR’s and I want a piece of that lol.

I’ll just do that then. I hope timezone shenannigans don’t make it impossible :timer_clock:

I had to custom bind my keys for both side and public chat.

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