I want one..! (Definitely!)





Holy ****!!!
I want one, too!

I wonder if it would be allowed to start it on the glider field near my home town (my brother flies gliders there). They only have a winch designed for normal gliders, and no motor planes.

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Wow - That looks like a Really practical glider! I’d love to catch some thermals in that baby.

I love the concept and ease of launch, but for the entry cost, I could own a nicely built RV6. I suppose that it’s like buying a Carbon Cub (please). At the end of the day, the return on your investment is justified by what you feel are intangibles.

I think it is mainly aimed at the european market. It is light enough so it fills a niche.
Flying a real aircraft is much more expensive here, and also there are lots of restrictions.
Getting and maintaining a license for everything more advanced than a glider in Germany is a nightmare for example. And extremely expensive.
That’s why people search for ways around those regulations.

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