I want you thought on these 2 GPU's

I am trying to decide if I should get this 2080Ti or a 3070. now the 2080ti I can get cheaper then the 3070 and the 2080ti has more vram and scores a bit better by about 13%.

Now I use a Reverb G2 with a 10700K @ 4.8 with 64gb ram. I currently have a 1070GTX. not looking for other cards then those 2 mainly because of costs. inbetween a move right now and since card prices are somewhere in reason but the new 3000 series are out besides a 3070 anda 2080ti I seen on another website.

I am leaning on the 2080Ti because it has the same vram ddr6 but it has 11gb and the 3070 only has 8gb, I mainly play DCS,No Mans sky and Elite dangerous.

just looking for a mid life upgrade for my GPU as I had it since 2017-18? thnx for any thoughts…

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I’d wait until the RDNA3 mid level cards come out and decide then, but that’s still a couple of months off.


+1 for what @sobek says. It seems like Nvidia is keeping prices high on the RTX 40 series because of the huge stock of RTX 30 cards that they still have.
AMD does not have such a huge stock of old cards, and could, if their supply is strong enough, undercut Nvidia and cause all GPU prices to fall. Their initial price announcement for the RX 7900 looks good.

But yeah, that is all uncertain and a few months away.

If you are planning to use this card for more than just this winter, I would recommend comparing not just purchasing price and performance but also sound level and calculate energy costs.
I had a look at a test run by a local good reviewer and they measured 214 and 279 Watts used by resp. RTX 3070 and RTX 2080Ti during a Tomb Raider benchmark where the fps difference was less than 0.5 1 fps on 60 fps total.
That is 65 W of energy wasted, that also needs more cooling and fan noise.

The RTX 3070 will thus be cheaper to operate, especially in summer when the heat is pure waste, and very likely quieter too because it needs much less cooling. Whether the increased DCS performance of the RTX 2080Ti is worth it, depends on how much you nees it and for how long you are planning to use it.

If you do go for the 2080Ti, I would very seriously consider sidegrading to a more efficient card in Spring.


FWIW I am very happy with the performance of my RTX3070 at 1080p - I don’t have a higher res display. I did get it at 3060 price though due to a store error. I have yet to find a game I cannot max settings and get 60FPS (I’ve tried cp2077, MSFS, and ED Odyssey).

EDIT: It’s also pretty quiet - only cp2077 gets the fans running noticeably.

good point. one feature I like about my laptop, RTX3070 btw, is that I can set the fan speeds from ‘quiet’ to ‘performance’. in other words, you inspired me, from ‘summer’ to ‘winter’ :slight_smile:

there is definitely performance penalty but not that noticeable in case I have the performance on the high side normally, like cca 100fps in XPlane.

wondering if this is also possible for desktops.

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Yes. In fact, it’s possible to set your own fan speed curve if you have the appropriate software package, I believe.

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in my BIOS I can set the fan curve for all fans in my PC…

well I see that a 2080ti ranks 13th in speed rankings for nvidia gpu’s, the 3070 was 14th. the 3080 was in around 7th place.

my dilemma is I can get a 2080ti for 400usd, the 3080 I can get for 650 but it only has a 20% increase in fps speeds.

So I am going to see what others would do here wait and get the 3080 sometime next year or get the 2080ti now…

I use a 1070GTX currently so anything I get will be an improvement. I am mainly getting it for DCS and my Reverb G2 headset… I am not looking for max Setting in the G2 just slightly to improve the performance hit in DCS 2.8 …

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Don’t discount an ‘older’ AMD card if you are looking at an interim solution to get you thorough the next six months or so, especially if power consumption is an issue or concern, unless ray tracing is a must have.

Or better yet, tough it out until the end of the year and wait to see how the next gen AMD RDNA 3 cards stack up… and see what they do to Nvidia prices? I’m looking to replace my 2060S and that’s what I’m doing.

Tom’s Hardware has a recent rating on current 2022 cards: Best Overall Value - Radeon RX 6600 (just a bit behind the RTX 3060 in terms of performance).

Full review here:


I will say that the G2 is pretty demanding. I have a 3080 right now (10GB) and it could use more VRAM. I’m in the process of upgrading my CPU to see if that makes the difference, but if not then I’ll be looking to upgrade it.

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yes AMD not an option for me… I am trying to get a higher tier card even if it is older.

Yes the G2 is demenading if you push it. what settings are you using and what makes you say you need more vram?

EDIT: I am also trying to determine how many pixels a GPU can push theoretically. Some guy is saying a 2080ti can only push 2million and that can not be correct…

Depending on what ‘push’ means, if he is talking about a 1920x1080 monitor, that’s about right?

The RTX 2080Ti maximum resolution is 7680x4320

That does not mean you can run Cyberpunk at that resolution at Ultra at reasonable framerate though: specific questions like that are very much dependent on the workload.

For reference, my 3070 will run Cyberpunk at 1080p at ultra locked at 60 FPS as long as DLSS is on. If I switch DLSS off then the framerate drops to around 45 FPS. With raytracing off that goes back up to around 70 FPS. I suspect the 2080Ti will beat that slightly with RT off but probably won’t be able to keep up with RT on. I’m not sure you would notice the 10 FPS or so difference when gaming though. Or maybe you would? But I can say that the difference between RT on and RT off is very noticeable (the image quality, I mean).

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In my opinion is better choice wait for new GPUs: Nvidia RTX 4000 series or AMD RX 7000 series. Bying older RTX 2080 Ti or RTX 3070 when new generation are releasing is not good idea. Peformance of new GPUs is almost 2x better then in current RTX 3000/RX 6000.

I’m not happyw with current Nvidia portfolio RTX 3000 series because their RTX 3060Ti/3070 are only 8GB VRAM and prices are still higher than should be.
My 3 years older AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB VRAM has performance better (little bit) then newer Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB (except Ray Tracing which RDNA 1.0 cannot) and because personally playing on QHD and/or 4K monitor/TV I’m looking for next generation of GPU with 16GB VRAM GPUs as minimum. Modern flying simulators and future games will be more utilize VRAM because of 4K textures everywhere.

I know that VR sets are really demand on GPU power horse, therefore is better wait for newly coming generation of GPUs, AMD or Nvidia.

PS: on our Falcon BMS meeting recently I got opportunity to test RTX 3060Ti and RTX 3070 in Cyberpunk 2077, Far Cry 6, Quake 2 (RT version) and one other game which I don’t remember but RT was there. To be honest, RT looks absolutely fantastic in Ray Tracing verison of 1997 (!) Quake 2, relatively good in Cyberpunk 2077 1.61 but only in Quake 2 I can tell that RT is absolutely game changer. Quake 2, Doom 1, Minecraft those are games really good with Ray Tracing, the rest of new AAA tituls is not worste but not perfect.


well while that maybe an option for you and others it is not for me. I was buying used as it is all I can afford at the moment even $400 for the 2080ti was too much. I will save up a bit and get a better card but for now I went with a 1080Ti.

I am pretty confident it is all the card I need for now as the 1070 works rather well in DCS with the way I have it setup I get between in Open XR 40-55FPS which is perfect.

Having already ran the benchmarks of sorts in DCS, so when I put in the 1080Ti I will see what the difference was which should be a bit. I am really looking forward to the new card and it should be here on Thursday.

I appreciated all the input so Thank you to all who responded and we shall see how it goes…
Thank you :wink:


iirc 1080ti was very good card in its time, I believe it will serve you well :+1:

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yes I am banking on it. heck I figure if the 1070 can hold up and the 1080ti is a much better card I should do very well… can not wait until thursday.


well the 1080ti is working prettygood, I was able to get too 50% and still have 45-60FPS in game with distance on medium and textures on medium. It never looked better and I am really a happy camper best 200USD I ever spent.

I am going to try and run No Mans Sky at full resolution and see what happens. the 1070 was aboe to get it too 70% res I think the 1080Ti should get too 100%. I am also going to try Elite Dangerous at 100% res too.

It appears DCS is the problem child here, but they announced multi thread yestarday and hopefullly in 2023 it will happen… but even as it is now it looks way better and smoother then the 1070 did…

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I found that ED took a lot of tuning to dial in. The default (recommended) settings looked absolutely awful and I had to turn everything up by hand. I don’t know how well the 1080Ti can cope with supersampling but I found the best quality to performance ratio was using Frontier’s native supersampler at 125%. For me (using a RTX3070) this gives far better performance and quality than FSR.

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