I worry about the new Army handgun, Sig Sauer

So, went to the range today to fire all of my .45’s including the 2 I bought this pass Sunday. Interesting test.

I brought my Colt Government Model I bought last year for my 50th… a close replica of the one I carried in the Army in 1985. I also brought my Springfield TRP, a high end .45 I bought as a retirement present to myself months later. And the 2 I bought Sunday, a Springfield 1911 and the Sig Sauer P320, the .45 version of the new US Army 9mm handgun.

First off they all handled pretty well and shot well minus the Sig, more on that later. I shot 7 rounds each, center mass of the assigned target to test the best shot pattern and location. All pulled one way or the other, showing sights need to be slightly adjusted. I may not be a expert shot, but pretty damn good, all of the groups were tight, just off center mass. at 12 yards, (the max Alamo does.)

NOW, the Sig Sauer… all I will say is that I hope the Army has better luck with their version(s) then mine. The worst I shot of the 4. after the first mag, every single shot jammed. about 20 more tries, finally quit and put it away. Will test it again, with different ammo I have…later. My first impression, a terrible handgun, and I really worry for our troops carrying it into combat

Now… to clean them all. :wink:


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Pew pew bang bang! Point end other way!

And that’s all about I know about guns :wink:

Have fun cleaning them!

I still swear by my SpringfieldXD (sc) - I love that thing. But it’s target caliber (9mm)…LOL…

I hate my wife’s Kahr CW9 - after two magazines of firing it, it grates through the skin between my thumb and index finger like a grater. I hate that thing. Grip is too narrow, rough, and it’s just plain uncomfortable…which is probably why she likes it…it fits her hand better.

The only other handgun I’d like to own is a Ruger Mark IV - something to chuck .22LR down the range.

Right now all of them are locked away under so many locks and sub-locks that I’d have a hard time finding any of them without a map and some Indiana Jones puzzle solving skill. Once Kai has a bit more age on him I’ll introduce him to it…but for now, I’m fine with rainbows and lightsabers.


I’m most comfortable with either the Beretta 92 or a 1911 (as in I can use either to hit the door of the barn, rather than the largest side). Most other things feel like I’m converting gun powder into noise and not much else for how much accuracy I can achieve. I’ve always been more of a rifle and shotgun kind of guy.

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnd here in lies the problem.

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back… A stick, which is still 100 times more useful than a 1911. :wink:

“I don’t know, served my country well…”


Ahhhh thats the gun i want to try out. It gets fantastic reviews. Alas being in this gun fearing country, the best i can get my hands on is Nerf

Yep… love my 3 Springfield XD’s… carried them all for almost 20 years on the job, the 5 inch tactical as my main weapon, a 4 inch back up, and a 3 inch double secret backup… I had no fear of not being armed on the job. All 3 used the same mags too. so each had a mag, plus 2 extra in pouch and a go bag with 20 mags loaded to bear. :wink: Still have them, this was just a .45 day.

oh…all .40’s.

I don’t wanna know where you hid that…makes me wanna go clean my gun…

Whats the price diff, between .4 and 9mm these days?

Man…you are retired AND isn’t your daughter all grown up now…!? You don’t need to be so armed now… :wink:

One must protect the beer fridge

I don’t know…but as a non-reloader, 9mm is dirt cheap to shoot. Not sure about the hardware itself…

Beretta 92 SF when I was in the Army.
Right now I’d buy a CZ 75 with the long body rail.

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I have my father’s Colt 1911 Generals Model, and I do not like it. I tried decocking it after chambering a round and it got away from me, the hammer had oil on it. That was scary, but I’m pretty safety conscious so it was pointed down and away. Racked my left hand pretty good. My father gave it up after putting a round through the refrigerator. I prefer semi-autos that have decocking levers, like my Ruger P89. My new pistol is a Ruger LCR in a 38/357, a 5 shot revolver.

Thanks for the report, Magnum. I was casually thinking about getting that pistol, I’ll probably look elsewhere.

Separately, does anybody know of a good ambidextrous carry 40 or 45? Most of the carry pieces I’ve seen are for right handed shooters.

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What’s your opinion on the trigger? I spent some time with a CZ-85 and the trigger had such a curve it was hard to get situated in the groove. (I blame the sausage fingers I inherited from my grandfather).

yeah, the same feeling here, I should clean mine too.

Sig Sauer… no jamming experienced at all…

Airsoft :innocent:

The only firearms I shot were during my military service:

  • Uzi 9mm (somewhat cool looking, but SO bad. Jammed, fired despite being on safe position, fired bursts when you had it on single setting and such things)
  • MG3 (a modernized MG42, one hell of a machine gun. Old and heavy but reliable and awesome)
  • HK P8 9mm (pretty lightweight handgun. I liked it)
  • HK G36. People say a lot of bad things about it and I experienced not a single one of them. I loved it. I could shoot a head sized target at 600m. It is light and easy to use, it has hardly any recoil and it is easy to clean. I always did well with it even if it was cold or hot or wet or dirty. Just great.

Would love to shoot them again but except the P8 all of them are illegal for use outside the military in Germany.

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