IAF Air Show in Ramat David Air Base

So i thought about going to the openbase as it was independence day … and i did … really enjoyed it … and got ton of pictures for you all :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:



Very neat. There were a couple of pictures in there with a HOTAS Warthog set-up on some flight simulation. Do you know by chance what flight simulation they were using? Something we all might recognize?


Well… the first thing i noticed they had something like 20-30 stations for flight sim, most of them were Flight Simulator, VBS (from Bohemia interactive), and Navigational Flight sim made by the IAF.

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Nice pictures. Thanks for posting.

Love the Viper in IAF colors.

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sure thing :slight_smile:

That F-15C is just stunning.

Nice, but you could have taken some pictures, uh? :wink:

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the livestream i made with the video i captured as i couldn’t actually do a livestream there as we had a very low upload speed, so there u can actually see me :slight_smile: