Idea - Annual Muddy Awards

Once upon a time, That Other Site used to do a “Year in Review” article every December that highlighted the good, the bad, and the ridiculous of flight sims and forum posts from the year before. I remember the reviews were in good fun, and they definitely encompassed what had happened throughout the year.

@fearlessfrog’s Vince McMahon reply to anklebiter’s new thread made me think of this, in addition to the “post of the year” award we already have, but what about an end of the year thread and poll, with member nominations, for “best of the year” in categories such as:

-Best use of a meme in a post
-Best screenshot
-Most humorous screenshot
-Most hilarious crash/ fail
-Most informative post

etc etc.



@Fridge has some thoughts on this.

I like «Muddy Award» though.


I think I should add that they should be for both events on the forum, and in the various games we play, since we have such a robust multiplayer presence in so many games here.

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I think that this is a great idea! If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations please PM me or @moderators and I will add it to my list.

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Definitely a great idea. Good ole @EinsteinEP was good at end of the year summary writing - I sure do miss him. I love the idea of post of the year and stuff like that…



I’d love to have an award for just being around! Like a “Most apt at sitting in a corner on a chair” award type of thing!


sure thing snark, but you wont be getting it as you are far too active to earn it lol!


Aah blast, once again foiled by my own being!

I nominate @TheAlmightySnark for the “drat, foiled again!” Muddy.

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“Muddy’s” is a fantastic name.