If I go MS flight sim

What do you guys think of this, as a suggestion?

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Looks a great deal, to became almost perfect (for the price) i add a bit more ram, specially if you wanna run DCS.

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Even though that = $1269.99 Aussie Peso’s (on amazon.com.au) it looks like a good deal to me. As @stavka said, I’d max out the RAM. 32GB, preferably 64GB if it will take it… RAM is comparatively cheap and you can never have too much.

Unfortunately probably no VR support on XSS/XSX. Typical owner of XSS/XSX is prefering looking on big size 4K TV instead use VR set.

Well, if you prefer VR then PC is still the best option.

Hopefully Microsoft will start support VR sets on Xbox Series in near future. Playstation is supporting VR already but there is not MSFS 2020. :sweat_smile:


Honestly, depending on your tolerance, you don’t even need a computer to play msfs. You could just stream it to your tablet or your phone, or maybe even to an Apple computer if those are allowed to run Microsoft Game Pass.

Though obviously there are some necessary downgrades when using this method.

That’s the rub, and the reason I’ve held off on an XBOX to support my sightseeing habit.

I very much like setting something on a bearing and autopilot and watching the world go by while I work, but I hate having an 8-hour thermal load on my PC.

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good point :+1:

Here’s an argument in favor of MSFS:

Jaw dropping graphics. I can’t see a single polygon. Not a single bad texture on that plane. Wow.

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I gave MSFS an hour. I like it enough that I might get an XBOX1X just to play it as “sim lite”. But my initial impressions as a helicopter sim are…meh. The Calbri flies hands off. It’s really nothing like how a small piston helicopter should be. But the general aerodynamics, other than the generous stability, seem good. I feel like it might be intended to be flown with an XBOX controller and so, even with realism settings at “HARD”, it is still easily controlled. Touring around though, in a populated world that’s considerably more life-like and lively than X-Plane, will be fun from the sofa.

Not sure about the Xbox version, but in the PC version, there are two user assists related to rotor aircraft that are on by default. Turn those off, and IMO (not rotor rated) the MSFS 407 feels very similar to the XP11 206, maybe even more challenging. I haven’t sorted out the trim yet, so that is part of the issue, but it is definitely not easy to fly. Not impossible either, but you do need to make continual inputs on all axis to hover, with a lot of anti-torque pedal input. And I had one “settling with power” incident while hovering just out of GE. So that seems to be modeled.

Under Assistance Options > Piloting

  • Helicopter assisted tail rotor
  • Helicopter assisted cyclic

And even as you post that, there are already rising complaints out there that the helicopters are too hard, and well-nigh uncontrollable…

That may have been it. I deselected the anti-torque assist but must have missed cyclic.

[EDIT] Actually I did have the cyclic assist off. Might just be the Calbri. (MSFS doesn’t allow me to fly the 407 with the VR controllers.) Anyway, I am going to uninstall it and close my trial gamepass account. I’ll give it another go when I can find an XBserX. MSFS has very limited VR controller integration. Up here in my computer room with a VR headset, that’s my preferred mode of flying.

PS, Cool! 2 F-18s just flew by on their way in to Teterboro! In my 13 years here, that’s the first time I’ve seen any military type on approach overhead.

[EDIT2] There seems to be a very different stability model that is dependent on whether one is using a controller (xbox, stick) or a manipulator (VR trigger-grab of the cyclic). Because I swear, with the latter, you can hover 30 seconds without input. But after a second run using an old XB controller, the flight model was plenty challenging. My jury is still out on the accuracy because I need to dial in the controller. But fun so far.


@Elby I truly don’t understand what your problem is. There was a period where I considered leaving Mudspike because of you. But then you mellowed and morphed into a kind contributor. But there is still some underlying hostility which I don’t get. I suppose you’ll be you and I’ll either have to grow accustomed to it or settle on happier pastures. As for this thread my feelings are consistent. MSFS is a great sim that probably checks more boxes for more users than does X-Plane. For me, a user who generally flies helicopters and who finds joy in flying in VR away from the desk, X-Plane has features that suit my unique needs in ways that MSFS does not.

But I believe you already knew that.


everyone has its own opinion and can feel free to express it in respectful way. but there is no need to reply to these opinions.

we can just leave it at that. there is no need to evaluate publicaly others opinions. we dont need to change others minds. its up to them to think also about others opinions and change their opinions or not.

at least thats my opinion, ha :slight_smile:


btw with the release of MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition there isnt really better civi sim out there considering the bang for bucks imo

here quick overview


I am so over all this bloody arguing and sniping at members who do not deserve it.
I thought we sorted this out last time.
This isn’t what i joined and have been a member of this lovely community for a few years for. If we cant share ideas and thoughts without being ridiculed and mocked and spoken to like crap then whats the point.

This has always been a calming influence on all of us and a fun and interesting place to share ideas both good and bad and enjoy the hobby we all love.

If we lose that we might as well shut the bloody place down rather than lose its identity and what makes it the special place it is and become like every other ■■■■ hole on the internet.

I’m not a mod, i have no horse in this race other than it being the only place i actually enjoy being a part of, so much so that i got in my car after a 15 hour shift and drove to holland just to meet up with a handful of you all. But when we start seeing the amount of people leaving and threatening to leave, people who are extremely valuable members to our community, just because of aggressive and uncalled for bullying and nonsense attacks which have no merit other than to sow anger and discord among us. Then I feel like i need to speak out on behalf of the members who just want things to be like they used to be.

I’m absolutely bloody sick to death of this. I have enough time to spend watching myself and others around getting yelled at and abused in the real world. I do not want to see it on mudspike. Nobody who actually values what we all visit this place does.

We have lost so many good people and friends on here since covid. I dont want to see anymore people I genuinely like and value just vanishing off into the night.


And thats just the ones i can think of without pausing

People who added intelligence and insight to this forum and real world experience and helped us all learn.

And now we have @smokinhole thinking about it as well.

Its absolutely abhorrent to me that tjis is happening. There is only one reason for it, personal attacks. Not attacks on ideas, sensible discourse is healthy and welcome, sharing and discussion is the best part of this website…

But i share my whole life on here. What happens when personal attacks then spread to our pictures of kids having fun or our families that we share with each other? We share all that stuff because nobody on here is ever gonna say something mean or make me personally feel like they arent interested or openly mock me like everywhere else. But with personal attacks becoming a common event on here, we lose that trust. We lose it. Gone

We have absolutely amazing new people on here like @Harry_Bumcrack. We want more people like that coming in and adding value to the collective.

Why would they come here when its turning into the same as everywhere else. Our mods are the best. To the point that they very rarely get involved at all because we self soothe each other.

I’m not going to go on anymore than i already have. But i will say that any more personal attacks, at all, against anyone are not welcome, wanted or tolerated. It will not be accepted. It will not be allowed to continue by us.

Its never happened on here before and im damned if I’m gonna have chris come back to use and see this ■■■■ accepted. He wont have it. The plug will be pulled and we will be back in the dark, and he will be absolutely correct to do so.

So pack it in. Have some respect. Don’t be rude. Don’t attack. If you dont like something. Attack the idea not the person.

If you can’t do that. Leave. You arent wanted and you wont be missed. I genuinely dont want to see ANYONE leave. You all add value. You are all friends.

But friends do not treat each other like ■■■■.


I understand how you feel, @Victork2.
As an admin here, I consider everybody on this forum to be a contributor. As such, everybody has a place here. This is why I consider banning people to be the very last option.
You are totally correct about treating everyone with respect.
We must respect eachother. That said, the tone can at times be allowed to become playful. The problem with this is that it can be interpreted as being disrespectful and we should be very careful when posting someting tounge in cheek, as it were.
Posting irony is difficult, at best. You risk offending someone you never meant to offend. Sitting down with your best buddies over a few beers allows you to get away with a lot of slurs and innuendoes that won’t fly in writing, on a forum.
But we all also have to try to do our best to read others posts in the best possible meaning too. People are usually not out to hurt anybody, even though sometimes one wonders…
So, everybody, take note of this and act accordingly.

Be respectful and make sure you apologize if you happen to put you foot in your mouth.


Kind and true words, both of you. There’s a little history here that got the best of me last night. In hindsight it would have been best to have kept it bottled.

The good news? I have discovered MSFS+helicopters+XBOX controller! What a bloody hoot! Imagine the squirreliest RC helicopter you’ve flown and now imagine using the same controller while sitting on top of the thing. It’s a challenge but one I think I can rise to. But that will have to wait until I get my XB/X.


I won’t go on and on. @Troll said concisely what i was attempting to say.

It just isn’t fun watching people drifting away through preventable action. I hate it. I would never suggest to stop the fun and the “old boys” feel of this place. But when an attempt at humor falls flat the first time on another thread and then falls a 2nd time on the same thread. To attempt a 3rd time on a different thread just smacks of being an assault on personality rather than a light hearted attempt at humor.

Anyway. I definitely think I’ve overstepped my mark this time so I’m gonna crawl back under my rock and go quiet for a little while.


I appreciate you having my back, @Victork2! I have great friends on Mudspike and I’d like to think that I have been a faithful friends to others here. It’s a nice little society here that we have the great fortune to enjoy. If only society at large could be as interesting and welcoming! @Troll is right. As I perceive it, negative behavior on this forum takes two forms: intentional trolling and humor gone wrong. I’ve been guilty of the last one a-plenty. I lashed out this time because I wanted him to know that even though the “take a hike” comments might have felt like humor to him, they were not taken as humor by me. There’s the Golden Rule and there are Robert’s Rules of Order which at their essence say “attack the idea, never the speaker”.