If VR is a bust, here's a replacement for trackIR

Edit: I wouldn’t take DevilDogs word on quality of product. Considering this video is sponsored

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As a tech, eye tracking is actually one of the things that would make a huge difference in VR:

If you can track where the eye is pointing accurately and quickly enough then you can do a ‘foveated rendering’, which saves an enormous amount of horse-power and complexity. Put another way, why try to render that full 3D world in maximum detail if that’s not how a human eye actually works?

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eye tracking with VR … I can see. I tracking as a TrackIR replacement … not for me. I like being able to move my head and eyes separately. Plus … 6 DoF is not possible with eye tracking. Your eyes only roll in two planes, not three and there are no translation axis. At best you are looking at 2 DoF.