If You Could Buy One of The Following Addons Which Would it be,

  • Aerosoft CRJ-700/900
  • iFly 747
  • Flight1/Coolsky MD-80 Pro
  • Majestic Dash 8
  • Sky simulation MD-11

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I’d go with the Dash 8 as your best bang for the buck option. IMHO it is THE best turboprop add-on ever created for FSX/Prepar3d. Great framerate, great performance, unparallelled systems and flight model accuracy… This one ticks all the boxes.

The Coolsky MD-80 Pro is an interesting choice, but if I found their DC-9 Classic to be much better than their MD-80. The Coolsky is quite interesting since it is one of the very few simulations that portrays active schematics for the majority of systems. Great stuff.

The Aerosoft CRJ-700/900 is a good choice if you’re into regional jets. This one has no auto-throttle so it’s a different way to fly than just hitting LNAV+VNAV+ATHR and following a magenta line. You actually get to fly by managing your speed and attitude and I’ve learned much from it that helped me fly manual approaches for other aircraft. It’s an interesting aircraft that keeps being updated to fix bugs and try to improve systems depth.

The iFly 747, I heard good things about it but I can’t say I’ve flown it. I fly the PMDG one.

I would stay away from the Sky SImulation MD-11. It’s a relatively unknown studio and what I’ve seen so far on their store page doesn’t make me confident that it’s a solid product that you will enjoy. I love the MD-11 and I’d buy an accurate simulation for it in a heartbeat, but I’d give this one a pass if I were you.


Where’s the Christen Eagle and shat bawners options?

Yeah. I’d go with the Dash-8 first. I don’t have it, but I’ve heard great things about it. But you have to consider my bias toward flying into smaller regional airports and places you wouldn’t be able to get those other aircraft into. I don’t particularly like long haul simming. At this point though, to be honest, I’d be hard pressed to actually spend a whole lot of money on P3D or FSX planes. My heart is nearly totally in X-Plane now.


Md11 for me… I just love the things. And if they ever release a kc10 or kdc10 ill be all over that so fast. Not that they will lol.

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I have the Dash 8 and like it a lot. You will have to chose between the Pro and Regular version - the Pro version having more systems stuff. I went with the regular version and find it challenging enough.

Not on your list but a possible consideration if you are looking at twin turboprop commuters is the PMDG Jetstream 41, a very nice sim.

I like iFly’s 737 better than PMDG’s 737 (I know…“sacrilege!”) so…?

Be forewarned before you purchase an Aerosoft plane that it will be very detailed. I have Aerosoft’s Airbus 320/321, Huey X, PBY, F-16, BushHawk X, F-14X, Lightening F-3, Twin OtterX…and a couple more. I really like them all. However, they are not aircraft that one can just jump in and start casually flying.

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For those MD-11 guys, http://rotatesim.com/the-md-11-is-on-track/

Its for X plane but should be really good.


I love the Aerosoft Airbus series, I got the A318/A319 and the A320/A321.

Good to know about the pro and regular version. Quick question does the regular have quick access panels, EX. Shift+5 on one of my planes brings up the overhead, or is it all VC?

What about the iFly 737 is better? Ive always been told PMDG is the top of the line.

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I love X plane as well. However budgetary constraints have facilitated a need to return to FSX for the foreseeable future.

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Yes. As far as I ca tell the differences are in the detail of the systems management.

Perhaps the PMDG is…but for my money, I enjoy the iFly version better. 1. PMDG takes over some of the standard FSX functions and replaces it with its own functions, available from the drop down PMDG menu. I guess that’s OK but when I try to create missions, I’m cut out. No way to fail a PMDG 737NG engine from inside a Mission. That probably doesn’t matter to a lot of folks, but making missions is a part of my business.
2. I know its supposed to be the same FMS…but for me the iFly FMS just seems easier to use.

Don’t get me wrong. The PMDG 737 is an extremely good model. I just found the iFly version somehow easier to use. It seems to have all the same complexity (maybe not) so its not a “kick the tires and light the fires” sim, but the PMDG 737 seems to “break the fourth wall”, as it were, with some of its set up ad features.

Now the PMDG J41…I really like that aircraft.

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Thank you all for your input!

I decided to go with the iFly 747, I was in the mood for long haul flights.

Great all a round plane, fun to fly and it feels heavy. Really good job by iFly. I have the aersoft airbus bundle so I never really thought about getting a 737 plane, however the iFly 747 is so good I do believe at some point I will by the 737 bundle, especially if I can find a good sale.

As for the Dash 8, it will be my next plane.