il-2 battle of stalingrad any players here?

I just got it about a week ago and love it! I’am thinking about getting BOK anyone got that?

I made a video on How many bf109’s does it take to down a IL-2 Sturmovik?


Hey bro, welcome to Mudspike! Yeah a lot of us fly Il-2 too. I know I do. It’s a fine sim.

BoK is definately worth it, if only because its almost the same map as DCS :wink: IMO all of the bits of Il2 are great, the Bodenplatte spit is great fun, and next week we’re getting jugs too!

I don’t fly Il-2 as much as I should, most of my sparse flying time is taken up by DCS. I guess I’m more of a jet guy.

I just watched the trailer for the new dcs f14 game, now that looks awesome!