IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad Video AAR--Threading the Needle

I have to say I am in agreement with the both of you. Brix is correct IMHO in that DCS mission editor is approachable for “all-comers.” I’ve also been delving into this editor for years going back to 1995. But with the little dabbling I’ve done in IL-2 mission editor, I agree with smokinhole regarding the deepness of the that particular editor. I personally just have to get my head to “thinking” a different way when dealing with it. I’ve not spent enough time with it yet but definitely have gotten an inkling of what may be possible.

Perhaps Smokinhole you could spend a few times with me giving me tips etc. on how to do certain basic things with the IL-2 editor? I would really love that if possible. No worries if you don’t have time. I do intend to learn it when time permits.

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Well I just got out of the sim and found how to make some simple ground attack missions with the quick mission builder.

I also found out how not to do a crash landing in a field after being hit by an 88mm because you couldn’t remember where the durn thing was!

Anyway, having loads of fun with this - recorded a couple of flights and I’ll try to edit them into reasonable uploads for YT.

I still have a huge amount to learn - just been doing basic ground attack with the guns. No idea how to use bombs or rockets as yet - but who cares, it will come in time :slight_smile:

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It really is one fun simulation. I enjoy it immensely. One of the things I love about it is the rather good number of different aircraft with different flight characteristics you can fly. If you don’t feel like fighters, you’ve got ground attack. If you don’t feel like small ground attack you’ve got bigger bombers etc. Then the difference between German aircraft and Russian is special as well.

I don’t know if any of you know but the next series of modules after the Russian theater will be in the Pacific Theater of operations between Japanese and Allies. We are talking Zeros, Hellcats, and carrier landings and take-offs! Oh that will be fun indeed!

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I think that is a fair statement. In IL2, the editor is a separate executable. I played RoF very actively for months before I was even aware of its existence. The tradeoff is accuracy in behavior. For example, I put way too many hours into a DCS mission I made so that some of us Su33 fans could play with the carrier in multiplayer. Nothing worked as I expected, thus the hours put into a simple little mission. With the RoF (and presumably, IL2) it is easier to achieve expected results because there are so many more options. I would like to learn more about Lua script within the DCS editor, but the one time I needed it to reglate supplies available on a ship, I could find nothing about managing unit properties directly through scripting, or even if doing so is possible.

Yes, that editor in DCS definitely has its downsides - I know what you mean - I had the same with that Boche Bashing mission for Normandy - though that has the excuse of early release, I guess. I tried doing one for Nevada, too, but it was a shambles due to ground vehicle behaviour - couldn’t even get a simple convoy to drive along a road.

I have had the same issues in 1.5, too, even units that just don’t appear in the mission, even though they are there, clear as day, in the editor.

Sorry - video didn’t record. Have to look into it.