IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad Video AAR--Threading the Needle

A video AAR of myself flying a single player campaign titled “Ivan’s War.” Been flying online and off with this wonderful simulation lately.


Nice! I love videos that aren’t two minutes of intro. What a beautiful game!

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I agree - I binned my intro piece cos I was fed up with it myself!

Nice vid.

Thanks. I recently got new video software and have been learning it. The game is indeed good looking. The sound is also amazing in game. When you get hit, I usually jump out of my seat like in that one section of the video. Very atmospheric simulation IMHO.

I’m looking to do some online teamwork in this simulation. If anyone out there is interested in going online using teamwork and tactics, put a shout out here.

I’d be willing to give that a go - I’m in the UK, but I can fly at various times of the day - just not after about 23:00z

Don’t have much experience with this sim, mind - 3 circuits in the La-3 is my total!

I’m pretty flexible as well. Want to set something up tomorrow between 1900-2200z? Just meet, pick some planes and go up on what-ever server we find amendable? Do some formation work, communication work then if we find some targets shoot them down. Meet here at MudSpike TS? We could also set something up for next week as well if tomorrow doesn’t work.

Oh dear - I should have said Friday evenings are not good :tired_face:

My wife has Friday and Saturday as ‘weekends’ so I am always booked for Friday evenings. Damn.

I can get on from around 20:00z if I’m lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Otherwise it will have to be another evening - but I like the plan. I’ll jump on as soon as I’m free tonight. Hang on - by “tomorrow” do you mean Friday or Saturday? If Saturday, it’s no problem.

No worries. I meant Friday. Weekends for me are hit or miss. Depends on what my wife has planned as well. Let’s figure possibly this weekend but also try and hook up next week. Do you have steam on your computer? If so we can become “friends” so we can see when each other is online and perhaps fly then. My steam name is my forum name here.

Yes, okay - steam name is Brixmis, but my BoS is the indie/1C version - so not on Steam. I have BoS and BoM - haven’t got BoK, but as it seems we can fly any theatre in multiplayer, I guess it doesn’t matter.

So I have the standard aircraft in those, plus the P-40E, La-5 and Yak-1b.

Edit: Could only find RedBravo1 on Steam and sent an invite - so I hope that’s you!

I was on for a couple of hours this evening - whenever I go on I will log into TS and stay in the IL-2 channel - then you will know.

Did a half-dozen circuits in the LaGG-3, and actually managed to land the thing after 5 go-arounds due to lack of space to stop in time!

Then jumped into the Yak-1b for some of the same.

I also tried multiplayer - jumped on a random server (only 6 up to start with and 4 of those locked) and flew the IL-2 at last. Love it! Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to switch fuel tanks and ended up gliding down to a field and eventually digging in and flipping onto the nose. However, it was low speed, so no big harm done.

I then found more servers had come on line (or at least more were showing) so I joined the CheckSix training server and went up in th Pe-2. Luvvly! :smiley:

So I now have just a little more cockpit time and feel ready for some fun. This sim is great in VR - now the FM has been adjusted, it feels so much better.

Very nice video @RedBravo65 - thanks.

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I have steam version but don’t have Kuban yet either. Doesn’t matter what version we have, we still hook up to same servers so we are okay. Nope, RedBravo65 is steam name. I saw a Brixmis and sent an invite to that one as well but no reply yet so may not be you I guess.

Excellent. Glad you had fun. IIRC though the fuel tank in the IL-2 you cannot change but could be wrong. It jumps around (fuel gauge) because that is the in-game way for it to tell you what is in the two fuel tanks by jumping around to each every few seconds. No way that I know of to manually switch between the two fuel tanks.

I’ll keep an eye out for you in MudSpike TS. Still try to find you on steam.

I accepted your invite on Steam. Since I joined, when I chose Brixmis because I never saw it elsewhere and it said there weren’t any others using it on Steam, several more have popped up out of the weeds - but you got the right one. :smiley:

I was flying on the Kuban map on the Check6 server - looks very nice. I did have one issue, though, which was trying to find the actual runway at Maikop. In the end I gave up and just took-off on the bit I was on. First time in the Pe-2 that eventually meant not picking up enough speed and flipping over the nose!

I watched a video on the mission editor this morning, hoping to throw a few training missions together, but boy, did they make it complicated! Seems to be far too much gubbins in there for making anything in a reasonably short amount of time. Think I’ll give that a miss. I only saw 3 training missions in the list - two for the LaGG-3 and one for the Yak-1b, all just take off and land stuff. Need more training missions!

It is indeed difficult at times to find the correct route along the airfield. However, I believe that if you look at the map before you enter your aircraft, and you zoom in, you will find a simple diagram showing the outline of the airfield and your current position on it parked.

Yes, they do have a much different way with respect to building missions. It is possible though with some practice. I’ve built a test mission which was done in order to learn the editor and give me reference. It seems to have disappeared from my game after an update a while ago. I’ll have to double check.

I did use some reference tutorials done by one of the better mission creators in the community which was immensely helpful. I can pass those on to you if you like.

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Ah - I may have those, thanks. I downloaded a pdf guide and some example missions yesterday - I’ll see who did them. I also got a mission builder program, but turns out it needs Java, which I don’t use on my gaming PC.

edit - it was ‘Prangster’

Yep, that is the one.

I’ll be on as much as I can over the next couple of weeks. Nothing urgent on, now my hosting service has completely messed up my domain, so time to spare :slight_smile:

I became obsessed with the Editor in Rise of Flight (very similar to IL2). It is as beautiful and artful as the game itself. A powerful Editor is like a computer language. You have to keep your logic organized or you will get lost in a web of lines and MCU’s. What makes the RoF/IL2 Editor superior to say DCS is that your logic can be organized within the canvas without the need to keep a flow chart of flags and triggers. To learn it is to love it.

Well I’d say the advantage to DCS over RoF/IL-2 is that anyone can jump in and make the simple missions they want to, totally intuitively, without having to learn a thing except what happens when they click this button…

KISS is a valid method.

You see, the DCS World editor has two levels - like I said, anyone can do simple stuff like waypoints, targets, placing aircraft etc straight off. If desired, the user can learn a lot more and step up to scripting and further. So all comers are catered for.

RoF/IL-2 only caters for one approach, and it isn’t the KISS one.