Am I supposed to be buying this on Steam or from the sale site? Because it isn’t on sale on Steam…?

Direct from the site. Sale is only from the site and all the money goes to Devs.


It was on sale on steam until yesterday I believe. But ya, now it’s just the site. I think this functions the same as RoF in that if you start on one platform (e.g. steam or site), you need to buy future modules from the same, no mix matching. But I might be wrong.

No, that would be the IL-2 Sturmovik, the Warthog’s grandfather.

Waiting at the login screen now what seems like about 20 mins…

Flying in I-16 using VR sure makes me hope RoF 2.0 will come out.


I think you can mix with this one, but the only rules is that with the Steam edition you need to have BoS to be able buy BoM, while on the stand alone it doesn’t matter. You can buy stuff on the 1C/777 site and it activates in the Steam edition I’m pretty sure - as it is basically unlock codes for premium planes etc.

For VR you’ll need Steam VR installed (as in the Steam client) and the standalone and Steam versions all update the same day, so it doesn’t really matter. As @Tankerwade says, 1C/777 would probably prefer not to give Gaben his 30% toll. The download is < 10 GB all in I’m pretty sure.

Wanted this for a while… tempted to pick up Stalingrad. Not sure on the others. The $$ is real.

Oh didn’t even think of using the I-16 as a stand in. Maybe I’ll get a big desk fan blowing in my face to add to the immersion :slight_smile:

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Ordered both Premium Editions…I can’t believe I just spent $90 on WWII content…


But skipped Kuban? For shame!


Good move Beach. Looking forward to the AAR. (Fly Russian.)


Maybe around lunchtime…!

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now that I’ve purchased my computer upgrades, the peer pressure to get shot down repeatedly while claiming 0 kills is hitting me. What’s another $120… lol.

What’s that saying… go big or go home?


Yeah…I went on a spending spree this morning. My Dad is coming to visit…and he is like the biggest golfing freak you’ve ever seen (my brother is a PGA Pro) so I went ahead and bought The Golf Club VR. Can’t wait to see what he thinks of VR…(I’ll record it!)


Hell ya, that’d be awesome to see. I remember when the wii started golf and how cool that was for a while, would have to be even better with VR for sure.

I’m still a ways off on the VR train. That’s like another $1000 last I checked, plus it doesn’t to have taken off here in Canada, at least where I live. I mean, that’s what the internet is for, but ya.

Gonna have to save up for a bit to get that going. I also kind don’t have a ton of physical space available, so there’s that too!

Which begs a few questions about how to best record screens and video in IL2 BOS VR. I took a few screenshots last night of Stalingrad burning on the way to attack an airfield and was fairly unimpressed with the output. I suppose that it would be prudent to record the flight and capture media later in 2D. Anyone have some best practices in this regard?

Will download when I get home. Going on the HDD so no worries for when I do the upgrade, that drive won’t be touched anyway.

I used shadowplay for ages that ships with Nvidia but they screwed it up with updates. The new Windows 10 creators update has a game mode with video capture I used it without any noticable performance hits and the files created seem a lot smaller in size compared to the Nvidia option

Also I only tried it in VR and the benefit is the desktop is not shown either side, instead it has black borders.

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For those that were following the events of yesterday, the Vive now works. Valve put out a new update that fixed the problem late yesterday. Just wanted to confirm everything is working with both the Vive and the Rift. We’ll also be posting a Hotfix for some bugs that snuck in with the 2.009 update soon.

Appreciate the love at Mudspike.



Ah nice was waiting to hear feedback on the VR to decide whether to pick it up, just picked up BOS and BOM on sale and look forward to trying it.

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