That’s a really good question. I ended up just reflying in 2D to make an AAR. The one downside of VR (aside from all the vomit :vr: ;)) is that I never really make screenshots or videos as they don’t come out very well. I don’t even know if BoS has a ‘track’ like DCS. @BeachAV8R will figure it all out though :slight_smile:


So you’re the reason I kept getting those SteamVR updates yesterday :smiley: :thumbsup:


Off topic, so hopefully a moderator will come along soon, but if you are doing VR demos then one thing I’ve found that reliably works for new people is a quick peek in Google Earth VR. It blows people away to stand above their own house like a giant and just stand there looking at places like the Grand Canyon. For the Rift it does need an easy ‘patch’ and it’s worth spending 5 mins learning the controls in Touch to show other people how to work it, but it’s a freakingly relatable VR experience for all that isn’t shooting or making people throw up.


LOL! The quote of the century! When I get my new computer in about 2 years, I’ll be able to actually try this VR stuff. Can’t wait.


Hope you checked with the wife before spending? Usually a smart move. :slight_smile:


You’re gonna love it. Suggestion, setup your controls for flight, powerplant, trim, weapon 1, weapon 2, and dropping bombs. Load the first single mission airfield attack in the Sturmovik. In this mission you’ll be leading a flight of IL-2 to beat up an airfield in the 4th Panzer AO (I think). The enemy will have some AAA and CAP, but nothing a salty old Warthog driver can’t handle. Along the way enjoy the view of the meatgrinder on the Volga as the war rages below. Hit A for autopilot if you need to do some forum surfing (like key commands) during the ingress. If memory serves, ALT-2 tells your flight to attack ground targets. Shoot things, blow stuff up, watch little dudes jump out of gun pits. It all analog and fun. You can do the cold start stuff, that we know you love, down the road a bit and once you’ve gotten the feel of the missions.

Edit: it’s lots of left rudder on takeoff for Soviet aircraft,


Will definitely try that. And by try I mean either crash or get shot down. Which are essentially the same thing. But I will have a blast doing it.


slow download is slow :frowning:


I am a -bad- Yak-1 pilot. Like really bad. Managed to somehow taxi the plane on my 5th try, including new planes, (though I need to remap the brake control somewhere easier since russian planes apparently don’t have toe brakes, just a single brake??) with some fancy flicking of the tail wheel unlock.

Got in the air but couldn’t get the gear up (I suspect I broke them taxiing through the snow lol). Managed to “land” but we’ll need some new props. The mechanics were shouting at me but thankfully I’m Canadian and couldn’t understand a word. Thank goodness for “normal” mode though. Trying to manage the engine and all that crap is going to take me years to figure out in English, let alone Russian or German.

Anyway, that was fun. Can’t wait to break more planes!

Gotta remember to record before landing though. Wanted to see how badly I muffed the nose. I thought I was at least level! It was quite the bounce though haha.

Also how you’re supposed to taxi without an external view is beyond me. Can’t see jack all!


Rhino, this guy has some good tutorials that might help.


Thanks. A lot of this is going to be practice obviously, and another part is going to be key assignment. Always struggled with that. So many buttons. So many things to do. Flying is hard enough as it is lol. I’ll definitely take a look at those.


If you haven’t tried IL-2 (aircraft) in VR doing ground role…meaning killing everything that moves…I highly suggest it. Doing passes and avoiding trees is amazing. Watch your bank or ground/tree will get you. Amazing sensation.

Wasn’t to you particularly - Rhinosaurus. Just generic heads up.


No vr unfortunately


Really good implementation of VR, made me buy both titles!


More tutorial videos here:


IIRC the sound of gear brakes of the Yak is amazing. :slight_smile:
I love to Taxi it around… just for that sound…
for hours…


** Komemiute storms off crying* *


This not the place for advice but…

Some airplanes do not have the prop set it its most fine pitch after start. Takeoff is difficult to impossible unless it is (all torque and no thrust). Don’t be afraid to stab a little brake in the early takeoff roll as needed. Russian brakes work differently. Read Chucks guides.


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Hey guys,
I am currently off flying. PS4 Formula 1 has captured my attention. However, this news was too good to pass up. Flying in BoS has been completely transformed. The team did an outstanding job and I am very impressed.
If you are a WW2 guy, this is as good as it gets in VR. Give it a GO!



You got PSVR?