How you doing buddy? No PSVR. The reason I don’t have it is because the only games I know that are supported ATM are Dirt Rally and Drive Club. Both these tittles don’t excite me much. While I think Dirt Rally is a great game, its just not my cup of tea.
I am playing F1 2016 on a Samsung 65 inch tv. I am loving it. Cant wait for it to be on PSVR. My other passion is driving the beasts in Project Cars.
Hope to get a new PS4 Pro and PSVR when F1 (2017??) get on PSVR.

You race much?


IL-2 BOS VR is magnificent but so much so that I have buggered my neck. I don’t know why but dogfighting in Il-2 is a lot more intense than DCSW which seems sedate in comparison. Anyway I am now back flying my huey as I only need to look forward and down when driving that:wink:


Hey there! :slight_smile:
I’m just fine! You know, building controllers and improving the simbox more than I sim, it seems… :wink:
Been a while since I raced. But I really should dig out my old steeringwheel and get PCars now that it suports VR.


Right. I got the Logitech G29 after the G27 was not supported by the PS4. Its a blast.


Probably a silly question, but how do you control things in BoS in VR? Combination of Voiceattack and HOTAS assignments? Can you look down at the keyboard with Oculus on?

I find I still need to refer to sheets of paper on my desk for some key commands and I tend not to have things like flaps or gear on HOTAS, usually just using the keyboard. i assume you can’t look at keyboard or down at the desk with VR on, so how are you guys doing it?


I have throttle and joystick mapped up to now. Start in the air and finish in the air, Yaay for quick missions :smiley:


Things I need in a hurry I map to switches and hats on HOTAS, especially since the WWII birds are much simpler.

For everything else I just do the ‘nose peer’ under the Rift headset bottom and use the keyboard - there’s a small gap you can use if you ‘look down your nose’ a bit that works fine :slight_smile:


haha - thanks all. I reckon for things like prop pitch, radiators etc Voice Attack could be a useful option too I reckon.


Yep, there is purpose built in gap on the Rift so you can see the keyboard and stuff.


Good controllers help! :slight_smile:



Can I have one daddy?!


Nice Kit :+1:


Yes, dear forum bot, I want to revive this old thread…
I haven’t played with my sims for a few months because of my commander course demanding my full attention lately. Well, any spare attention I might have, anyway.

I just updated my IL-2 BOSBOMBOK installation and flew over the Kuban map for the first time…
I had forgotten how pretty this sim is. And seeing the new map for the first time just blew me away!
Seeing the waves hitting the beaches… The beautiful mountains… All in splendid VR with great FPS.

Thank you, thank you, thank you @777Studios_Jason! :pray:t2:

I understand the business side of the decision to drop VR support for RoF, but my heart cries because I also understand what a RoF 2, based on the developments made in IL-2 BOS/M/K, would look and feel like…

Anyway, I will now focus on getting some stick time in IL-2. :vr:


Now join @il2-mp!