Il-2 BoX Feedback feature and 25% promo code

Over on the BoX forums Jason has posted news about the new feedback feature on the website. They are asking for feedback about the series by logging in with your account and filling in the form. For that you get a 25% promo code for anything NOT in early access.

Does anyone know the Unicode for “dripping in cows blood” font? Need to know for a… Friend

Can’t help with the blood font. Take a screenshot when you find it. Per instructions, go to “Profile” then “Feedback”. I can’t find “Feedback”. So if I could, I guess that would be one suggestion: Make it easier to show form so that I could suggest that you make it easier to find form where I will suggest you make it easier to show form where I…" Recursive Function Error.

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Doesn’t do much good for those of us who have already bought everything…


It’s under the main page. Not the forum page.