Il-2 BoX Screens




rudder got blown clean off!


Glorious sturmovik of il2 design needs no rudder, peoples’ dialectic of ailerons and elevator will see you through!


Pretty true actually. Landed pretty easily. Maybe i should use more rudder when landing though




This is a screenshot from Monday night. We were flying Pe-2’s and we got bounced by a flight of 110’s that got just a bit careless in they’re attack. It didn’t end well for them.


That is really wallpaper material.


Jagdgeschwader Mudspike getting ready to escort a Junkers tonight. Viel Spass!


Excellent mission last night @Tankerwade. Definitely Oscar worthy!


That’s it!? You need to work on your AAR skills!


I didn’t get any screens, I think @near_blind has a video. Let’s just summarize it with 7 bf-109s of different flavors, escorting Hitler in a junker on a PR trip. Imperial March was played with the timing of a AAA movie, we killed 4-5 Yaks en route, defended the arrival airbase from attacking pe-2s and il2s, and successfully delivered the VIP.




17 December 1944 0803

They kicked us out of our cots this morning like our lives depended on it. No breakfast and barely a cup of Joe during the briefing. The man with the stick said 1500 over and 1 mile, but it was more like 800 and 100. I lost my lead twice coming up through this crap. They’re out of their minds. I’m not even sure we know where we are going. Steer 090 for 40 miles, drop down through the soup, and look for Kraut tanks. Hundreds of them. That is if we don’t die getting there. OK, it could be worse. I could be in a foxhole.



Definitely agreeing! You need to work on those AAR skills through this if you wish to extend a bit more with this.

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Everytime an engine goes out seems like my plane turns into a bullet magnet