Il-2 BoX Screens



So back in March @smokinhole gifted me with an extra copy of Il-2 BoS that he had. His only stipulation was that whoever he gave it to would do more than just kick the tires. So I have flown it in Singleplayer quite a bit and have really been smitten with it. I purchased both BoM and BoK as well but one part that has been on my to do list has been multiplayer.

Summer of course got in the way, but now that the witches winds have returned to New England I have more time for such things. In speaking with @RedBravo65 in TS, and having been jealous of his AAR with @Brix a few weeks back, I asked him if we could do some Multi and he readily agreed.

It doesn’t seem like there is a dedicated BoX screen thread but if there is and I missed it please merge this in there. The goal is to play a lot more in the coming months, especially with Co-op mode on the horizon. There is a channel in Mudspike TS marked Il-2 and that is where RedBravo and I were to be found last night. If you see us in there (or anyone else for that matter) hop in and lets get those props spinning!

RedBravo65 up front in a couple of Stukas

Scanning for targets

Turning for more

Convoy on the road!

Just dropped the bomb…!

Boom! Took out the armed escort!

Next victims

Umm…had a little engine management regression…

A special shout out to RedBravo65 - he is a great teacher and a patient lead.

IL-2 screens




You are way too kind. :slight_smile:


First pic, Tankerwade in foreground. Second pic, RedBravo in foreground.


<Boats. Went for the small one. Big one had guns on it too>


I use single player missions in order to test and familiarize myself with the aircraft I intend to fly online etc. I test the machine, learn the engine management and how the aircraft handles flight wise.

Here I am piloting the work-horse of the Eastern Front.



Yea…anyone have a staple gun handy?


New career mode is a blast to play!

Took a hit from the flak.

I’m in the background - still flying the plane :wink:

I think my guys will take care of him.



Can’t. Fragging. Wait.


Some more shots …

The friendly AI is a bit eager to kill enemy planes. I was shot down few moments later by friendly fire (I’m in the middle in this shot).

Landing and taxing is really tricky in those tail draggers.

Mission complete!


I just had time for one mission tonight. With about 10 minutes in type and zero landings under my belt, I began a career in Kuban in the P-39L. I have an early start tomorrow, so this will be brief.

Very much enjoyed Mission 1, intercept of enemy ground attack aircraft. Once we hit the AOR, of course I lost my flight. While trying to get eyeballs on them, an unlucky FW190 flew in front of my bullets. I gave him a single squirt and off came the hood. I suppose that he wanted no part of the big pistol that I was packing. At least the ground crew will be happy with one less 37 to service and reload.

With no friendlies in sight and fuel inching toward the yellow mark, I decided that discretion was the better part of my shame and to RTB. I ended up bringing #4 back with me. He didn’t look so good, trailing oil smoke, but made the field. I remained in the pattern with him all the way to touchdown. Sorry about the lack of camera film. Couldn’t find the switch in all of the excitement. Regardless, that 1000 ruble kill bonus will be appreciated in town tonight. One more mission proving that it is far better to be lucky than good.

Some images from my black market Leica.


New batch of screens from ongoing Career.

The name seems familiar …

This guy is toast.

Protecting friendly ferry mission.

Stalingrad on fire.

My first ground attack mission.

More action throughout the theatre.

At this point my guns were dry. We waved to each other and headed home.

Got 2000 rubles for 15 combat sorties. Only if there was place to spend it …


Took the new Jug out for a spin today. The boys and I ran into a flight of Me-110s with their escort. It did not go well for them.


Very nice chip!


Playing around with things that make boom and LightRoom.


I rather liked the touch of having a Christmas tree in the hangar…!

This is convenient. Someone should be along soon to fetch me…

Hiding under here is an interesting tactic…

Sorry for the low quality…it is beautiful in VR…not so much in the screen mirror…



Cropped from the VR window, had to post my 1337 parking skills.