IL-2 BoX - Up to 75% Off Select Items, Cabin Fever Promo


If you happen to be stuck indoors for a while, we’ve given everyone a unique, single-use discount code for many of our products. Early Access and Pre-Order products are not included.

- 50% Off BOBP and FC1

  • 75% Off All other released content

- The codes are good for 30 days

You can find the codes in your IL-2 User Account which you can access from the Main Page of the website. You just have to log in. They are easy to find. Just apply them in the Cart. Remember, we don’t mean your forum profile.

We hope this will give you some new options if you have to stay indoors during this disruptive period.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Lol, I will look but I think I have bought everything already.


I swear this is the fifth time I scrolled over the threads here and read something VERY different than the word “promo”. :sweat_smile:

Looks in library Yup, same. Wait… I don’t have the Ju-52 or Po-2!

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