IL-2 Cliffs of Dover/ Battle of Tobruk Screens

Since we don’t have a category yet for this one. A few loose shots as I’m (re)learning how to aim. Story to follow later (remember that literary and historical rabbit hole I mentioned I’d fallen down?).


The AI really makes you work, doesn’t it? As one vlogger stated, no gifts in this sim. I know that I never RTB with ammo.

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You’re assuming I’m returning to base- that AI gunnery is also brutal, and thus far my ratio of landings to takeoffs is a good bit less than one.

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I’m still berating myself for not getting to spend time with this yet. I have maybe 30 mins in on release day and none since. Grrrr…

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I actually think that in some configurations, like Spit .303 v Bf109E that there is something wrong with the hit box. And I’ve been flying WW2 sims for 20 years and know all about the peashooter vs armored 109s. But I think that it’s a bit pessimistic in CoD. For instance, in the Allied advantage quick mission I can saddle up to a 109 in a Spit and blast away my whole loadout with very little effect. It doesn’t matter where you hit them and/or what your convergence is. The same scenario in DCS or IL2 GB and you would get pieces of control surfaces, fuel, and radiator, etc.

Edit: Not sure what’s going on. Just flew the same mission and smoked 2 x 109s immediately. It’s like there was a graphic glitch in the above mission. Hard to say. Same mission, position, and completely different results. I need a cup of tea.

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Not sure if I’m getting worse, or the AI pilots are getting better (a distinct possibility). Either way, the campaign is absolutely recreating the feeling of hopelessness and desperation that I’m sure the remaining Armee de l’Air pilots must’ve felt as the Germans closed in on all sides.

I had time to get a single burst on a distant Bf-109 before his wingman knocked out my engine.

I heard the thump-thump of cannon rounds, then everything went black. At least I died quickly?

At least a couple of my wingmen are better at this… He was one of two (out of a flight of six) who made it back to base on this mission.

Gotta say, it’s frightening how completely outclassed the D.520 is by the Bf.109’s - but that’s absolutely historically accurate.

OK, off to go try again.


Yep, that’s the feeling that I get flying a Hurricane during the first half of the Cliffs of Dover campaign. Being that it’s August and that fact that I’m also about half way through The Splendid and the Vile, I wanted to complete all of the Battle of Britain content before flying the Desert Wings campaigns. Through 6 missions, I’ve taken to the silk at a 3:1 ratio to successful landing back at base. Actually, that’s 3 bailouts, an off field wheels up landing, an alternate field landing, and one good RTB. It’s hell of a way to see the English countryside. :grin:

My kingdom for a Spitfire. Why can’t it be like this, probably the best promo ever made for a sim, IMHO. Best consumed streamed to a big screen.


That was actually a lot of my thought as well- I wanted to try and tell a narrative of an AdA pilot surviving the Battle of France and fleeing across the Mediterranean, then fighting for either the Free French or the RAF.

…but that “surviving” part is a problem.

Most recent mission (first attempt):

Second attempt:

The rest of my flight didn’t fare much better- we were outnumbered by a significant margin.


I’ve been flying this sim almost exclusively lately. It’s not as pretty as IL2 GB and the missions tend to be rather simple. But they are not easy and that is some of it’s charm I suppose. If you supplement your flying with a couple of good books, it is not hard to imagine yourself in a desperate struggle over the channel. Through mission 13 of the Cliffs of Dover campaign in Blitz.

Deadstick into Ramsgate after having my engine damaged by a Heinkel crew.

Two ship recee mission over France.

After 13 missions, I’m finally confident enough to do a formation landing with my flight lead.


A few Desert Wings shots.

This guy makes awesome Cliffs of Dover/Desert Wings Tobruk videos.


Screens from the campaign named Cliffs of Dover, mission #16. A two ship intercept of a Ju-88, which while fitting the weak narrative, seemed a bit of a score-padding slaughter. Perhaps there is some historical significance in the closing days of the Battle of Britain, or maybe the author wanted to serve up an easy one as the campaign was winding down. Unsure, but by this mission, I had learned to use slashing attacks, rather than saddle-up on a bomber’s 12 o’clock. My wingman apparently dodged this lesson, and returned to Manston with a few holes in his Spit for the trouble.


Great shots Chipwich (if you pardon the pun!) What are your graphics settings? I’m pretty sure mine are at max and don’t think they look as good as yours!

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Thanks Mace. Everything is maxed, since I have a (now worthless :smiley: ) RTX 2080ti. But, I do a little editing of colors and lighting in Adobe Lightroom after. These are from an in-game recording, and paused. I’m guessing that the IL-2 game engine has a few enhancements to the paused playback, like blurring the props, where another sim might freeze the prop.


I hope they make this title VR compatible soon! I’m aching for some BoB missions…


Moi non plus!

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Lets take our cards and our bb guns out to the desert. :laughing:

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