IL-2 Flying Circus - Early Access Look

So, after waiting for the massive download to finish, I had a bit of time to jump in for a few quick jaunts before I had to call it a night last night- early morning today.

The two plane choices we have thus far:

I was better driving the Albatros than I was any Fokker in Rise of Flight, so I started out by taking the SPAD up for a spin. Also, there were cough difficulties getting the DR.1’s engine to turn over and catch. I’ll check the blip switch mapping later.

Speaking of key mapping and setup… As best I can tell there aren’t any options available yet for dialing in axis curves, deadzones, or anything like that for controllers, and there was a bit of wonkiness when setting up my Warthog- pay very close attention to the instructions on-screen when trying to program axes for control.

A familiar view for me from my Rise of Flight days, and much like the initial release, the default point of view feels way too close to the canopy (this is with the zoom manually set all the way out):

I’ll be looking forward to Requiem’s custom files to fix this, much like he did for Rise of Flight (and yes, I’m still using his TrackIR profile for this one).

My first attempted takeoff- a wild bunker jumped in front of my plane right before I lifted off, and this is the end result. I’m fairly certain if this was the damage model from RoF, my wings would’ve been completely destroyed and I would’ve been dead.

Second time was a bit more of a charm- taxied from the parking area to the actual runway (I guess this is one of the maps from BoS as a placeholder?), and was able to get airborne quickly.

I haven’t flown RoF in probably over a year, but the SPAD felt a bit heavier and more sluggish than I remember it. Also, even with all the flight assist settings off aside from warmed-up engine, stall recovery was easier than I remember it being, and spin recovery was basically a hands-off affair. I’m guessing the flight model is still being incorporated into the game. Further, I set up turbulence and wind in the quick mission builder, but I barely noticed any of either when I was flying, even at altitude, Clouds looked amazing though, and the “water on your goggles” effect appears to have made the jump over.

In-game map doesn’t seem to be enabled yet, so when I decided to attempt a landing, I just picked (what looked like) a flat, open field and gently set her down.

Turning your plane on its back will still kill you, so that model seems to have it right.

And a few more screens showing some of the options for setting up the planes and quick missions (the only things available for FC just now). I also checked multiplayer, and I saw a single server that had the name “Jasta” in it, but I wasn’t able to connect. Not sure yet if multiplayer is enabled.

Pistols, streamers, scarves, and extra instruments and weapons are all included, but there’s only a couple of skins included thus far. According to the forums, existing skins from RoF will also import without any issues whatsoever, even if they won’t be able to take advantage of the 4K resolution available in BoS. It’ll be fun seeing what the community puts out, and I’m already looking forward to a Spad VII with Eugene Bullard’s paint scheme on it.

This is still very, very early access, but I’m looking forward to seeing what 1C has in store for this one. I haven’t playe anything else in the BoX series, so I’ll defer to those experts in terms of what else that one has available that we should be able to expect in the future. That said, I had fun tooling around in the SPAD, and when I have more time, I’ll try setting up some scenarios to see how the damage model and combat AI is these days.


That looks fantastic @Navynuke99 - thanks for doing this.

Those damaged wings look really detailed as well.


As I mentioned in the tanks thread, I think the Dr I FM is pretty good right now. At least, as far as it matching the one in ROF, which I would figure is where they’re going as they spent so much time on ROF’s it has to be more or less where they wanted it to be.

Don’t turn left, don’t go slow nose high at full power unless you want to emulate a helo missing its tail rotor, don’t dive too hard.

The Spad also flew like I expected it to…if half the spark plugs were yanked. It was like its engine was rated the same hp as the Dr I’s instead of being bigger, so the plane was underpowered by a large amount.

There are no WWI maps ready yet, so it’s just Lapino I think they said? An Eastern front WWII map.
I have Kuban, Stalingrad, and Moscow so I have access to all the maps right now.

BoX with version 3.x is leaps and bounds beyond where it was when I first started with it 5 years ago. While the flying is largely the same, the upgrades to the AI, visuals, campaign, MP, and many other areas are keenly felt.

I will most certainly be getting Bodenplatte because I can’t wait to fly some Western Front stuff again that’s not Cliffs of Dover/BoB era or dragging out Il-2 1946. Sure, it’s still good, but after flying it since 2001 it just feels like I’ve been flying it forever. I’d rather fly BoX now.
CloD’s lack of FSAA has bugged me from day one. I had FSAA on for Il-2 in 2001, now its sequel 10 years later can’t use it? Sloppy programming. I jump in every once in awhile just to fly that terrain (which was always a strong point of the title) or a Hurricane but it never grabbed me.I probably have more time in BoX this month than I put into the last 7 years of CloD!


Hmmm…the avionics seem a bit less sophisticated than the FA-18…I might be able to handle these aircraft!

Very cool!

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To be honest the screens, including the damage shots, look identical to Rise of Flight. And that’s about what I expected. RoF was already gorgeous. It just needed VR.

EDIT: So as expected it was RoF in VR for me. (Again, that’s enough!) The textures were better than I recall but I haven’t played RoF in years and never in 4K or Max settings. The other difference that was immediately apparent were the little fiery impacts as rounds struck planes. Since I was shooting at wood and fabric I don’t know how realistic that would be but it was cool. In RoF I never knew if I was hitting until parts started flying off. The side-slip in the DR is kinda breathtaking in VR. I knew this already with TrackIr but the effect of looking down your shoulder at your flight path is gulp-inducing.


This ^
All I ever wanted was for RoF to get VR support.
This is even better… :vr:

How fun is this in VR!?! What a blast!

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Good things, come to he who waits…
Right, @Maico? :wink:

I suspect the AI isn’t yet tuned for these tiny kites. In a 8v8 I managed to down 7(!) fokkers while taking only a few ineffective shots through the tail end of the fuselage. Of course one flight is no hard scientific data but well…

I did have fun putting those fokkers in the dirt tho :dancer:


You talking the plane or the pilots? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now do that in a Spad instead of a Spitfire… :wink:


that was a spad!

I know! Just kidding. :slight_smile:
I tried fighting a Spad on veteran setting, and met a bit more resistance. But you’re probably correct about the AI needing tuning…

You Damn Right!!! This is so incredible. With the changes found in (VR tips and tricks - Improving your VR experience! -Updated 9th/Dec/2020 - Virtual Reality and VR Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum) and here IL-2 BOSBOMBOK MOD «High» cloud mod for Low preset.

It has been pure heaven. I come home singing “Everybody wants Kung Foo Fighting!” ( I don’t really know the words) then I get in my Fooooker and off I go… Into the great blue yonder. It just feels so much better.


Everybody was Kung-fu Fighting

Songwriters: Carl Douglas
Kung Fu Fighting lyrics © The Royalty Network Inc.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing



Something is happened after the last patch. Now the Spads just run away… Uhmmm

Now I got that song in my head all day lol

Its really a blast in VR.
Only tried the Fokker so far but was as riding the bike… all its little behavior came back into mind quickly :smiley:

Then i flew against some I-16, amazing when u outturn and outclimb it :grin:
The only problem was to time the passes correctly to get some shooting opportunities.
Sadly my Il-2 crashed so i couldnt shot one down.
But for the first impression it was all :+1:

No doubt since “Those Spads were fast as lightening”


Noted! I set up a 6vs6 and the frenchies were nowhere to be seen. I had to ctrl F2 ‘em. There they were, idling away at treetop level…
Clever tactics though! They would’ve been shot to pieces, had they faced us. :sunglasses: