Il-2: Fortresses and Focke Wulfs Dieppe DLC Announcement

Just announced, new DLC on the way for Cliffs of Dover/ Battle of Tobruk, latter half of 2024.


I see. Odd. Not bad, just… odd.

Perhaps a bit old-looking?

I am a (low-hour) fan of the franchise so I am all in :grinning:

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Flying fortresses? This pleases me.

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Same. I’m very excited for this, especially since we’re never going to see them in That Other IL-2 Game.

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Not the graphics… the endeavour.
I hope they succeed, I just wonder if the effort will be repayed.

Again, I hope they will- just…


I don’t care about a flyable B-17, just AI bombers to escort/intercept in BoX would be great.
If they’re going to put them in here and make them flyable, though, ok.

When it comes to CloD, though, there aren’t enough bad things I can say about the UI.
The planes and terrain are nice, actual flight and combat are enjoyable, but that menu system, the pseudo-HUD, the MP interface…it’s awful. I wish they would gut that and redo it and I’d fly it more.

It’s like your favorite restaurant is a drive uphill in the snow, both directions, at night, and only an underpowered truck with worn tires can take you there.