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Thanks. I also found the link to Jason’s statement:

Many ground features (urban areas, infrastructure, variability of broadleaved and coniferous forests…).

Well, I can live with that. Though I barely fly over the map for that reason.
I pre-purchased Normandy so I will hold my breath for it.

Ok, I see. Yes, there are missing features. I’m not intimately familiar with the area, so I can’t say I have missed anything. The terrain corresponds to the map, so I can use it in game. And since I haven’t experienced a flightsim terrain that is a perfect replica of the real world, I accept that there are limitations to what game developers can achieve, with existing tech and budgets.

That said, I don’t think it is…

But to each their own.
I do all my flying on the Rheinland and Arras maps.

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I am quite intimately familiar with a lot of the Rheinland map’s land. It’s a sketch, not a model. But eh, whaddayagonnado. It’s fine. It’s a map. The bridges for my hometown are in the right place, the shape of the land is right and some fo the roads are exactly right.


Great interview!

@777Studios_Jason in a cheerful tone:

”Daniel, I think Rod wants us to do Flying Circus vol.2. What do you think?”

Will he spill the beans in part two…?
C’mon, Jason! :wink:


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Hmmm…maybe this is a wrong topic for the above.

There is a cliffs thread, but this exciting news anywhere. Great looking shots! Looking forward to this

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover and now Tobruk is a different branch and developer than the Great Battles, so I moved it. Perhaps we should have a IL-2 Tobruk thread?


@Troll, As if you could avoid it lol
Im on the fence. Its expensive, no VR… Really?
And here is my biggest one. The last one was a nightmare :skull:. I have High Hopes that the reviews are good. The plane list is a dream come true and I live desert stuff… But no VR?

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Yeah, I realized the futility in my reasoning and created one :wink:

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No VR because CloD had no VR. It’s an addon to that product, not the BoX series. To add VR after the fact would be outside the budget they had, I’m sure.

A new terrain and multiple new airplanes (some variants of existing planes, others totally new) for that price is de rigeur for 2020. It’s not expensive, though, if you put the price into perspective.

When Euro Air War came out in 1999, it was $50 I think? Well $69.99 in 2019 is the same as $44.90 in 1999. So by that metric, it’s $5 less than EAW was. To flip it around, today EAW’s price would be $77.99.

Don’t forget there is a 15% discount if you buy release week. That’s $10.50, for a total of $59.50, or $38 in 1999 dollars. There have been decades of inflation. You can’t expect to buy a house now for what your grandparents paid when they first got married.

I don’t disagree with that logic, but EAW was a brand new game with a new engine and new content. Tobruk is an expansion of an existing engine. Sure there is a huge amount of work to improve and expand on it, but the base is still there. Not sure it’s exactly comparable, but I do agree with the high level logic at play.

It’s still in their scope though.

I totally agree with your pricing logic.
Yes, it’s true that Team Fusion didn’t build the engine or the core sim, but they have spent years fixing it…
They never charged anyone anything, for the fixes they made before they got the source code.


Surprising. It must not be as big a challenge as I thought, or they must be able to leverage existing code.

Well, there is a ”hope to have” wording in there… :wink:
But TF is clearly a group of talented people. Maybe they can do it…?

Does 777 discount TOO MUCH? I think they do.

Right now Bodenplatte is $39.99 (normally $79.99). Early Access Normandy is $79.99 (promised to be $89.99 at release). I want Normandy. And I want to support development. And I have the money. But who wants to be a sucker? At some point between Christmas and Easter, we all know Normandy is going to sell for ~$40. I don’t know. Its a weird business model to me. But they know their customers and for every one like me who’s turned off there might be ten who like it. This is not a rant. It is a free world and no one is making me part with a penny. 777 has taught me an unintended lesson. None of their products are worth more than half the sticker price. (OK, that may be a little harsh. They are trying to move sales by turning dials. I get that. Only I think they overdo it a touch.)


According to the interview that @Phantom88 linked above, @777Studios_Jason is pretty confident of his secret pricing sauce. Go boss! Great interview if you haven’t listened to it yet.

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Yeah, he was very cool about their pricing strategy. I got the feeling that selling at a higher initial early access price was a way to give us an option to support them, by paying premium and the sales were the norm, so to speak.

I may have jinxed myself with that post. I just had my first ever IL2 game crash.

This might be a peak inside the minds of tech types. They normalize the exceptions. It’s like DCS. I don’t think I’ve fired up the release version in years. I, like nearly everyone else, play “beta” because it is now the normal version.

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