IL-2 Great Battles Updates 2021

Continuation of the 2020 thread.

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Dear friends,

Today we have mostly images for you. Soon we’ll be able to share news on the Battle of Normandy progress in various areas, but today we can show you the first in-game screenshots of Fw 190 A-6. This aircraft will include the assault modifications G3, G3/R5 and Sturmjager and is planned to be released in the coming update along with the new graphical effects and aircraft AI improvements.




And here are the screens on what we’re working on at the moment, the feature that all the previously released BoX projects will benefit from:




Not sure what they are alluding to. Ideas?

I think it’s the aircraft identification and numbering system.


Right, what the old Il-2 called “decals” I think.

Instead of having 8 P-51s all called QL-NI out there, you can have 8 different ones even with the same skin.


Dear friends,

There will be a lot of Battle of Normandy news in 2021. Relatively soon we’ll be able to show you the first landscape shots, while today we have some of the ground vehicles that are already done. Please note that the quality level for the new trucks, armored cars and other objects for Normandy has increased. Of course, the new objects will benefit from all the previously developed physics and AI improvements.

Dodge WC-54 - while working on the Battle of Normandy we have decided to add the ambulance vehicle for the US Army that was missing in ‘Bodenplatte’. This 3-ton all-wheel-drive vehicle was designed specifically for the US Army medical service.


Austin K2/Y - you can tell the country of origin of this 3-ton military ambulance vehicle after a first glance. Of course, it is British.


Ordnance QF 17-pounder - the famous British gun which was very effective in the anti-tank role in spite of its relatively small caliber. This gun, either in an AT gun form or installed on a tank gave good chances against German panzer beasts.


Sd.Kfz.222 - this German all-wheel-drive 5-ton armored car with 3 men crew had a powerful weapon for its class, 20mm automatic gun KwK-20, and sloped armor.


AMES Type 15 was a British made radar.


SCR-584 was a US radar. Also on this screenshot are the British AA searchlight and its accompanying electric generator.



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The Sturmovik Team


Today our team presents you the first IL-2 Great Battles update in 2021, 4.506. The main feature of this update is the Fw 190 A-6 fighter/bomber developed for the Battle of Normandy. The Normandy map is in development, but you can already fly the new aircraft in Rheineland Career mode, provided you have both Battle of Normandy and Bodenplatte. You can also encounter the new A-6 as an enemy in the recent Wind of Fury campaign and anyone can set it up as an AI in quick missions.


In addition to the new arrival, there is a significant number of other changes and improvements. The updated graphical effects are included (the ones that are ready), Chiawei =Oyster_KAI= Liang continued his work on the 4K texturing of many planes cockpits and Martin =ICDP= Catney created 4K external textures for Bf 109 E-7 and corrected a number of other aircraft. There are two AI corrections, but they are significant. Among other fixes are ones for aircraft systems, player controllable tanks, including an important one for the gun aiming, and many improvements for historical campaigns.




We continue our work as always and this Spring you’ll see new planes and improvements for the game world.

Main features

  1. German fighter/bomber Fw 190 A-6 is now available to all Battle of Normandy owners;
  2. Fw 190 A-6 added to Rheinland Career mode (to the 1st and 2nd chapters to joinable squadrons III./JG 11, I./JG 26 and II./JG 26 and to all chapters to AI squadrons III./KG 51 and NSGr. 20);
  3. Bf 109 E-7 got 4K quality external textures;
  4. There are new truck variations (which look exactly like the regular ones) that are loaded with ammo and explode when attacked in a spectacular way;

Aircraft improvements
5. AI pilots of fast fighters engage slow-flying targets much better;
6. AI pilots that are alone or from different groups carry out a landing approach much better - now all the AI pilots form the landing queue, not only the ones that belong to the same group;
7. MC.202 propeller rotation and twist were corrected;
8. Yak-9 and Yak-9T elevator is affected at high speeds similar to other Yak fighters;
9. On all aircraft with set mixture control positions the current position is shown in the technochat instead of the mixture percentage;
10. UBT MG gunsight scale on IL-2 mod. 1943 has been recentered;
11. A damaged Fokker D.VII won’t visibly disappear at long distances;
12. Gunsight adjustment (target size and range) using buttons happens faster and their default values are set for a close dogfight against a typical enemy fighter;
13. German gyro gunsight Ez.42 damping corrected, higher frequency oscillations of the aircraft affect the calculated lead less;
14. AI pilots fire all 12 Hurricane MGs when installed instead of only 8;
15. Water vapor effect added to the damaged or overheated Hurricane radiator;
16. Oil and water drops won’t visibly appear on the inside surface of the cockpit canopy on many aircraft;
17. A number of typos that appeared on Soviet planes after increasing the cockpits to 4K quality were corrected;
18. Bf 109 E-7 cockpit: a typo corrected, detail of certain controls improved, dimmer looks more historically accurate;
19. Bf 109 F-2 and F-4 wheels corrected;
20. BG-25 detail increased (Bf 109 G6/G6 Late/G14/K4);
21. Rocket control panel detail improved on Bf 109 G6 Late and G14;
22. Fw 190 A-3/A-5/A-8 ammo counters panel detail improved;
23. Hs 129 B2 cockpit: weathering and scratches on leather objects, weathering of the gunsight parts outside the cockpit, more detailed dimmer switch, revised coloring and updated lettering of gauges and parts to make them more historically correct, alpha layer adjustments;
24. MiG-3: enhanced textures of braided cables, redrawn placards, alpha layer adjustments;
25. P-39L: control stick weathering, more detailed radio equipment (MN-52H, BC-345, BC-451) and recognition light switch box, more accurate white aluminum panels and detailed text, enhanced throttle quadrant and fuel prime pump handle, improved gauges and parts lettering, alpha layer adjustments;
26. P-40E: more detailed radio equipment (BC-366, BC-451A, BC-450A), throttle quadrant and fuel prime pump handle, historically correct texture for exposed wiring (black wires and white braided cables), alpha layer adjustments;
27. P-47D22/D28: more detailed BC-765 switch box and fuel prime pump handle, upgraded textures of the white screws on the trim indicators box and flap control handle slide rail, alpha layer adjustments;
28. Fw 190 A-3 and A-5 default pilot positions and some skins of these aircraft were corrected;
29. Radio and lighting switches are now animated in Fw 190 A-3 and A-5 cockpits;

Player controllable tank improvements
30. An option added that amplifies the gun aiming response to the mouse movement. If you play without a visual mouse aim indicator or aim the gun using buttons, it is recommended to leave it at the default setting (0);
31. Player controllable tanks now correctly collide in multiplayer;
32. A wrong technochat message about turning on and off the powered turret traverse won’t appear while moving across rough terrain at high speed;
33. SU-122 and SU-152 crews throw out all the accumulated spent ammo casings when the hatches are opened;
34. The initial position of the shot off Ferdinand gun mantlet corresponds to the mantlet type installed;
35. 72-K 25mm round ballistics were corrected;
36. HE rounds of 72-K, 61-K, Flak 36, Flak 38, Flakvierling 38, Sh-37, NS-37, BK-3.7, M4 and Vickers Class S now have self-destruct fuzes (HE rounds without such fuzes were not used on these guns);
37. Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M suspension animation corrected;

Visual effects improvements
38. New bomb ground and water impact (impact, not explosion) effects;
39. 50-100 kg bombs explosion effects have a new style (it is planned to update all the explosions in a similar way);
40. Additional explosion effects added for rounds containing more than 450 g and less than 1500 g explosives;
41. Improved gunfire effects for the detailed ground vehicles;
42. APHE explosion effects corrected accordingly to the number of explosives they contain;
43. Ground vehicles leave better-looking tracks;

Other improvements
44. The hook on port cranes is raised higher so it won’t prevent larger ships to dock underneath;
45. The visual model of a destroyed 52-K AAA gun was corrected (it contained elements of an intact gun);
46. Blazing Steppe, Fortress on the Volga, Ice Ring historical campaigns: all fire effects updated, ammo trucks added, many other improvements and fixes;
47. During the Wind of Fury historical campaign you can encounter С-47 and Fw 190 A-6 while Bf 109 G-6 fighters were replaced by Bf 109 G-6 Late;
48. Fortress on the Volga historical campaign: fuel and ambulance trucks added to the transport columns, the overall number and size of the columns increased.



Steven Universe No GIF by Cartoon Network EMEA

What if I attack in a sombre or relaxed way?

Now, now: besides all of my jokes I’m always surprised how much effort they put into their games.
A heartfelt applause to Jason and all the devs.


And a heartfelt amen to that, brother! :clap:



Dear friends,

Earlier this week we have published update 4.506 that brought the new aircraft for the Battle of Normandy and many important improvements, but the preparation of this update did not slow down our main development. Soon we’ll be able to show the first teaser screenshots of the new map, while today we have for you several of the unique buildings that you’ll see in the Normandy and Southern English coast cities - Royal Hospital Haslar (Gosport, Hampshire), Abbey of Saint-Étienne (Caen) and Bayeux and Rouen Cathedrals.



We are also glad to report that the next Battle of Normandy fighter, Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV, will be finished soon - its FM should be ready in a month while its visual model, including the cockpit, is nearly finished. Here are the first in-game shots of this legendary aircraft:





Together with our partners at Digital Forms, we continue building the player-controlled AAA trucks - the Soviet 72-K AA gun installed on the GAZ-MM truck chassis will be ready soon. The visual and physical models of the truck itself are complete, the 3D model of the gun is created and we’re working on animating it and its crew. Ballistics are recreated according to the historical data and the rounds already have self-destruct fuzes (you may have seen such fuzes in action when fired from other AA guns in this week’s update). This in-game screenshot demonstrates the state of its completion:



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Dear friends,

Today we can show you a teaser, the first screenshot of the Normandy map showing one of its characteristic features - a coastal port city. Le Havre, in the Seine estuary, is one of the biggest in France. Our map development team always tries to find new ways to improve the landscape elements, and now, working on the Normandy map, they are researching new techniques of terrain texturing, coastline composition, keeping in mind the differences in the architecture and city layout between the two sides of the Channel, attempting to recreate more detailed railway junctions and many other things.


Speaking of the railway junctions, some of you have pointed out that they are too simplified on the Rhineland map. They were made simple because the development was focused on many detailed airfields and time was not available, but we’re always trying to improve the existing content and other things whenever we have time and resources to do so. This year we plan to gradually add more detailed railway junctions to this map. This is the Antwerp railyard being improved:



Hey friends. It’s been a long time since I played IL-2. 1946 and Cliffs of Dover were my last going around 2011-2012. Anyways, I’m trying to make sense of all these “Great Battles”. Looks like I just missed a big sale!

I’ve read and seen VR works great (performance wise) in the current titles aside that the cockpits are not clickable. How is the replay system? Multiplayer in terms of hopping on a server and just going at it? Any and all comments appreciated.

Does it have one? Not quite sure. I use tacview if I want to analyse a flight, and don’t feel the need to re-watch my stuff. Of course I don’t produce such awesome youtube material as you do :salute:

With regards to MP, it’s all fairly seamless these days. No hyperlobby tho!

There’s some promo codes flying around if you want a title on a discount. Nu-il2 is really really good, and if you VR, you owe it to yourself to own at least one, but preferably more of the BoX titles. Flying circus is such a special VR experience!

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Yes. Not at my gaming rig ATM, but you hit whatever key binding you have for Record and a little red film camera icon shows in the upper right hand corner of the screen indicating a recording is in process. There is a limit of 512MB, which you can easily exceed during campaign missions. But someone has created a utility that overcomes that limitation.,61685.0.html


Yes it does. It is probably the best replay system out there with respect to flight sims. It does have a limit but you get around it by chopping up your recordings into smaller bits. Once you have a recording, you can do anything with it and I do mean anything in terms of camera angles etc. It is spot on accurate as well. If I were to judge between DCS’ replay system and IL-2 Great Battles replay system on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being failure and 10 being flawlessly excellent, I would rate DCS as 1 and IL-2 as 10.


Never could figure out how to change the camera view in my cockpit with Great Battles.


It’s really simple @wheelsup_cavu . You basically hit the F2 button to get to external view, then hit Left Alt plus F2 to cycle through various views of that aircraft you are focussing on.

The pic below is of someone showing some other controls but you can find all the controls for the camera in that menu column.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. If there is just one “Great Battle” campaign to get (besides Normandy which the promo code does not apply), which would you recommend?

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