IL-2 Great Battles Updates (2022)

Oh are you not using the Steam version?
I used to suffer through that and then one sale bought BoS again cheap on Steam. Then I linked my accts and now I have everything in the Steam version (as opposed to DCS World where you can’t do that).

Not on Steam for Il-2.
And buying it again to have a decent download rate, isn’t appealing. Thanks though.

It was like $15 so I thought it worth the investment for my sanity. :neutral_face:

Great news, everybody!

In Rise of Flight, we had a great system for assigning key maps, joystick curves to custom input profiles which could be assigned to individual planes or set as default. The system worked well and was popular.

We are now taking the time to add a similar system to Sturmovik and we think you’re going to be very happy with it. These draft images are very early, but they demonstrate where we are headed. Also, we are adding the ability to virtually adjust the pitch like we had in ROF, which for WWI crates makes them much more comfortable to fly and increases the fun factor.

Not sure how I missed this from last week, but I’ve been hoping for this since I first picked up BoX.


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how I hate these gifs :grin:

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I can’t hit the like button enough on this one! I’ve been using individual HOTAS profiles for the various planes up to this point, which requires me to exit the game if I want to fly something different from the profile I loaded before I launched the game. Not a deal breaker, but this is still very welcome!

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So am I correct in thinking I can now have my french Spad with a pull for power, and my Se5a with push for power? Without having to invert the axis every time I change planes?

That’s great if true!


C-47 WIP screens!


Controller profiles coming!


5.001 Normandy map is out!

Can someone tell me how the performance is on this map, in VR?


Great. I am on vacation right now so this has to wait till next week.

Any mention of the C47?

Not that I know… I’m waiting for it too.

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The performance is excellent, flawless.

It made me sad when I realized how much better it runs than DCS.


Yeah, it sure does. The DCS graphics still looks better, to me, but IL-2 is closing that gap. And the great VR performance is really nice in IL-2.


Oh, no doubt. DCS looks better, feels better, and clickable cockpits is a must for me.

IL2 might have more visually-appealing damage models at this time, but the explosions and fire effects when you score a hit on another aircraft are way cooler in DCS. It just sure runs like crud sometimes.

The Normandy map looks as good as DCS Channel, IMO. I’ve only flown around it for a day though, so YMMV. And having huge missions with lots of aircraft and no penalties on performance is cool.

I’m a little torn on the AI, it seems to me that the DCS WWII dogfight AI has been much improved this year, and is a challenging opponent without becoming a magic-carpet flown by Jedi. That said, outside of a dogfighting opponent, the IL2 AI seems like it makes better decisions about when to attack and when to run.

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I just tried the IL-2 Normandy map and you are absolutely correct! It runs just as great as the others…

Now give me my C-47 and let me drop paratroopers in the middle of the night! :slight_smile:

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Robin Tokolander has a pretty nice look at Normandy and the Arado.

I think that if I had a really obscene amount of fun money that the Ar234 would be one of the coolest warbirds to recreate ever.

Smithsonian A&S Dulles


I just had a quick fly around. Man do I feel like a spoilt child now. There’s so much stuff there. And it’s all so good.

The Arado … eh, not my thing. Interesting pit tho! I love the Mozzie, even though the seat position is off, which is annoying. Like I’m in Bert the navigator’s lap with one buttock. That poor chap. Ever notice how utterly awkward he’s sitting? One good reason not to do fighter things with the wooden wonder :rofl:

I must admit, the most fun flight I had this sesh was murdering a couple albatrosses with a camel. I oughta find out how to get that going for Fight Club sometimes.


I would of course be up for any of that :small_airplane:

All of the vr seat positions in IL2 are awful. And unfortunately the only way to fix it is to set a new saved position for each aircraft. Luckily there’s a hot key for that, but it does make it awkward.