IL-2 Offline mode

I have been offline since Christmas and I have not found a way to play Great Battles in Offline mode. Every time I start the game it checks for a version and then it gives me a “Failed to update” message and will not allow me to play.


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What if you launch it by clicking on the exe? Bypass the launcher…

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I think, since it’s 777 - the same company that did Rise of Flight, there’s no way to play offline.


I’ve been wrong before…

Aaaand I was wrong.

Found this…

But in your case it looks like the game needs to check if there’s been an update and can’t, therefore locking you out of offline mode.

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I can launch into offline mode from the Steam version, though options are restricted to the QMB and a few other options.

ETA: Some people say you have to launch the exe directly instead of via the launcher.

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Thank you for the quick responses.

Starting the game using the il2.exe file worked.


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