IL-2 Sturmovik - 50% OFF P-40E, MC.202, FW-190 A3 AND LA-5!

We have placed special 50% Off Promo Codes in your IL-2 User Profile for several Collector Planes - the P-40E, Mc.202, FW-190 A3 and the La-5. The code is valid until 9 AM GMT April 1, 2017.

My devious plan is to look into getting in to this when the VR support arrives (hopefully soon). I’m hoping either BoM, BoS or BoK has some sort of package deal going on when that happens.


Thanks for heads-up. After my “in the weeds” post I’ve decided to dedicate some time learning to love the IL2 SP Campaign. So far, so good. I have all the airplanes execpt the FW and La-5. A couple of years ago I purchased what I thought was a Premium updrade to my Stalingrad Standard (thus giving me the two missing mounts). Unfortunately it was the gift version of Premium (I still have it). The La-5 is a must on the MP servers. The P-40E is an amazing disappointment. The 202 is only marginally better.

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bought the P-40 … and its so cool :heart_eyes:

I’ve been waiting to jump into this, they should do a Steam sale for 50% off the title and DLC as a bundle.


I’ve had some real nail bitters in my short Stalingrad “Career”. The last one a few days ago was worthy of an AAR if I had recorded it. I led a stick of 6 Pe-8s 100 km to bomb a soviet airfield. We got harassed by some 109s that I never saw but given the amount of gunnery happening behind me were obviously there. The mission plan was to bomb from 5000m but I took on too much fuel and could only make it to 4500m. Cloud cover blocked the target on the first pass. I was misaligned for the second. I was finally able to drop on the third but no bombs hit anything worth mentioning inside the fence so the mission was a goose-egg. Even so it was some of the same white knuckle imerssion with action all around that I continue to praise Falcon for. I’m not ready to sell IL2 as a winner yet. But once I committed to learning the game a few days ago, it has paid me back with some sweet experiences.

FearlessFrog or Kludger (or any other Mudspiker who cares to put some time into the game), if you don’t yet have the game at all and would care to discuss my mistakenly purchased Stalingrad Premium gift code, shoot me a PM.