IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

Its very smooth and pretty. The axis will need some tweaking. Rolling the hurricane is not as snappy as I would like

I know what was strange to me about your initial post. The word ‘Simple’. SFM stands for Standard FM.

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Thanks, I’ll go back and correct it. A standard mistake. :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm. Seems like a simple mistake :wink:

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Last night ATAG server stress test. No more lag and warping :smiley:


Cool :slight_smile:

…So Say We All.


New patch released

CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ 4.53 is live Friday Feb 16th
Hello All

We will be activating Version 4.53 on Steam. (should be up Friday February 16th)


  • Netcode improvements
  • Addition of hi resolution cockpits for all aircraft
  • Added drag for Hurricane and Bf-110 bombracks
  • Correct gunsights for British types
  • Changes to AI gunner effectiveness (less effective)
  • Fix to allow Vehicles to be driveable
  • Fix to reduce the range at which active AI gunners are being drawn by the game engine… fps saving
  • Some small changes to the Sounds

Please note for those wanting to host servers:

The server will have a tendency to park cores… which will increase lag.

Changing the power options to “high performance”, will improve performance considerably. Please check your server settings.

2nd note: Our Chief Coder is busy with Real Life concerns and does not have the time at the moment to address a few bugs… these will be fixed in a final version… but we wanted to get this out for the players.

  • The driveable vehicles are now listed in the Quick Mission aircraft selection screen.

  • There is some smoke in the cockpit when firing nose mount guns

  • The AI gunners have been adjusted to suit Single Player preferences… we will be releasing an optional version later which will be tuned to Multiplayer preferences.

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No rest for the… talented? :wink:

New Water rendering

New Smoke columns (I really like this one!)

New bombs effects

and Water crashes! :open_mouth:


What TF is doing with this old sim, is just incredible!
Looking forward to see their VR implementation.


February update.

1. As usual, please be sure to delete your cache folder (in your ‘Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover’ folder) before running the game again.
2. Unfortunately Avast and AVG Antivirus (and only those, belonging to the same company) have repeatedly and falsely considered Cliffs of Dover’s Launcher64.exe as a possible virus. There’s nothing we currently can do about this. If you are using one of the two and are having trouble starting Cliffs, please set the Launcher64.exe on their whitelist. Sorry for the inconveniences.
3. Make sure to rebind your Prop. pitch Automation key to the new ‘Toggle Propeller Pitch Mode’ in Control settings if your auto pitch is not working in aircraft with auto pitch… as in Bf109E-4 and Bf-110C models.


Happy 75th VE Day ladies and gentlemen.


Get your Gloster Gladiator on. The Wellington looks especially nice.


Thats quite the list of aircraft variants to be included lol.


That is indeed quite a list of aircraft included in this expansion. The new flyables are incredible! I mean a flyable “Wellington Bomber?” Wow!


Been following this for years… Think it’s about there.
First day buy for me. The Med is a very interesting theater, and from the vids I’ve seen
on the TFS website, they’ve done a really good job.


Yes, I’m hoping the recent deluge of videos means it’s um close? I’ll be wildcat-ing it up once it finally appears.

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After forever of nothing, this month has seen multiple updates from them. I’d say they’re shooting for this summer.

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