IL-2 Tank Crew Download Requirements

Hey guys. I’m considering purchasing Tank Crew. As I’m data transfer restricted I need to consider the size of a games download. Is Tank Crew already downloaded and part of my game and by purchasing I’m actually ‘unlocking’ the game?


@bisher you have this correct. Il-2 updates install the entire game and all features to that point. You have already downloaded Tank Crew. Your purchase unlocks the features you wish to use.

For example - Battle of Moscow is already a part of the game footprint on your hard drive, even if you have not purchased it. You just cannot access it.


Thanks Tankerwade :slight_smile:


Aren’t there a couple of tanks already included with Kuban? I haven’t bought Tank Crew but I have access to a T-34 and a Panzer.

Those two tanks are included as long as you have any battle. In other words they are not flat out free like the Su-25T, but if you purchase any one battle, you also have those tanks.

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