IL2 1946 Number of Controllers limit

Im trying to fly some '46. I really did enjoy the AI. Can anyone remember how to add more than 2 controllers? Its not recognizing half my hardware. I used to know this game. Now i am lost again. But dang i want to do some Pacific and attack or escort some heavies.
Anyone still play this?


It should recognize up to 4 Controllers. You will likely have to set them up using the in game Control GUI though.

Heading out at the moment or I would open up the game and look.


Found in Setup


You Rock man! I thinks i figured it out. Its counting my Thrustmaster MFDs aa controllers.
Im getting on this after work!

Sure enough, the Thrustmaster MFDs were “taking” up slots as controllers. Unplugging them fixed my game. Thanks for getting my brain in gear.

Glad to hear you got the game working again.