IL2 Battle of Stalingrad patch brings DX11 Renderer



DX11 = much more possible for VR. :vr:

:vr: :vr: :vr:!


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But not today, unfortunately. I don’t think they’re going to release full VR support until January. Too bad, I can’t decide if I wan’t this or the Viggen more!

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Dude. Viggen yo. Swedish planes are awesome. And I hate Swedes like any normal Norwegian would


As my Swedish mother would say, it’s because of your square heads!

I can’t wait for the Viggen, but I’m also looking forward to a good campaign and a Baltic map. What can I say, I want it all, haha. I might have to dust off the Starway’s Northern Europe textures until then…


If there’s one thing that Swedes, Finns and Danes agree about, then it’s that Norway is the butt of scandinavia’s joke! :wink:

Atleast according to my friends of the aforementioned countries.

So… has anyone tried it out with DX11 Rendering yet?

How does it look!?

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I got as far as the title screen and checking to make sure the campaign i bought was there, that all looked the same :stuck_out_tongue:

As per song title I’ll try it…

No you don’t! You Norwegians are not capable of such feelings.
I have lived 20 years in Norway, and I was 24 when I moved here… Yeah, that would make me about…29 years old. Correct!

Now, in only 4 years I have lived longer in Norway, than I did in Sweden. Does this make me more norwegian than swedish…?

Anyway! Back to the topic!
I’m really looking forward to VR in IL2!!

Nah, I think the whole thing has shifted to Denmark now

Relevant for relevancy


That’s what Norwegians tell themselves to feel a little better :wink:

It runs so much nicer, now. Nice and smooth.

Dammit, last night I didn’t manage (secret project going on).
Maybe today— :frowning:

Keep telling yourself that :grin:

I did get some time in last night with the campaign, it’s interesting, will have to see where it goes i suppose.