Il2 BOS: Getting The Most Out of SP

I’ll start this off by saying I really enjoy IL2. This isn’t meant to be a critique or stir any sim comparison. I’ve read some great AARs, and seen great reviews of the single player experience. However, I’ve found my flights to be fairly repetitive. I’ve started careers flying the P-38 and the P-47, and my routes seem to be effectively the same each flight (always two legs ingress and egress via the same) and I feel like I encounter very little opposition. Granted I’ve only progressed a few sorties in on each career, so perhaps I need to give it more time.

Any recommendations for getting the best single player experience? The VR experience is a blast, so I’ll keep flying regardless, but wanted to see if there something I may be missing.

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There’s an option somewhere in there to increase the intensity of the combat, making it more likely for you to run into some trouble. The routes will usually remain quite similar unfortunately if there are not too many active fronts or if the plane is not really multi-role. Once the campaign shifts to a new stage, you’ll have a new route to fly.


You may also wish to consider Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator.

It adds a great deal of activity on the front, including other flights on other missions.

You might, for instance, return from a flight only to discover your airbase is being bombed. It is highly customizable and really adds immersion.


:+1: this. I find that PWCG campaign missions and some of the custom scripted campaigns are in general, better than what the in-game dynamic campaigns generate. There is also a version of PWCG for Flying Circus.

Scripted missions from the official site. As with all of these, it’s best to check in the thread if the latest version of GB is supported, or if one mission my have a bug that while may spoil a mission, won’t ruin the campaign.

Missn4Today Campaigns:

More campaigns. Some may overlap with what you see at other sites.

If you just want to generate random SP missions, there is also Easy Mission Generator.

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