IL2 BoS Lost Gunsight

Hey Fellas,
I wonder if anyone has had this problem. I have somehow lost my gunsight. I look all around but it is not there. Its not a centering problem and it is with all planes. For some reason after reseting my settings to default now I cant find a gunsight in any aircraft. Please help. I just started to get into this Sim. Dangit.



Repair your installation, I just test flew the I-16, spit mkIX and the YaK-1 and all had perfectly fine gunsights.

Does anyone know how to repair IL2 BoS?

Do you have IL-2 BOX stand-alone for steam version?

I have the non steam version

I thought I might have found something in steam which might have helped but no go. I think you’d be better off going onto the forums over at IL-2 and asking the question on the support forums.

Ok, thanks for trying Red Bravo65

I had to reinstal