IL2 Great Battles AAA Truck key list

Didn’t want to flood this into the overall IL2 patch post… with the new AAA vehicle released, I have been having fun with it for the last few hours. And wrote down all the keys for the 3 positions… printed them out myself, but if anyone else is interested feel free to use/share whatever. (Still working on understand and using the sight adjustments. Remember, you can’t fire ground level over the front… I was pissed till I figured it out, lol.)

IL2 Strumovik: Great Battles

AAA Truck


Start Engine… E

Movement… Arrow Keys

Headlights/Running Lights… R Shift L

Rear Truck Support… G

Doors… R Alt C

Windows… L Win C

Wipers… L Alt W

Auto Pilot/Drive… A

Next Station… L Ctrl C

Direct Stations… R Shift 0,1,2


Give Orders… Tilde Key

Fire Flares… L Ctrl 1,2,3

Pistol… L Ctrl 4

Binos… L Ctrl 5

Put All Away… L Ctrl Tilde


Unlock Gun… T

Gunsight… L Shift T

Cycle Gunsight… L Shift T

Zoom View… Mouse Wheel

Correction Scale… L Shift V

Target Range Vertical… R Alt Semicolon, Period

Target Range Horizontal… R Alt Comma, Slash

Target Aspect Angle… L Shift Z,X

Reset Sight Picture… R Alt Apostrophe

Sight Picture Light… L Alt L

Sun Filter… L Alt F

Start/Stop Recording… L Ctrl R


I need to try this… Shooting AAA sounds fun!

Well… this was while I was learning… before I knew some of the things above… just FYI I cuss a little when I crash into a tree, etc etc… lol

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Only a little? Not watching without proper cussing. :yum:

With a little more practice it looks like you are going to be deadly with those AAA trucks. :sunglasses:


Well I understand the keys to adjust the gun sight, but how the hell are you suppose to know how high or how much lead you need to adjust for? Especially since it’s always changing? lol

I find it easier to just bracket and guess.

Just like RL. it was about 10.000 88mm grenades per hit iirc.

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1st look of the Gaz-MM 72-k AAA Truck in IL2 Strumovik: Great Battles. First 10 mins is the basic details, all 3 positions and Keyboard operation. Then some ground targets, ending with air targets.