IL2 Great Battles Churchill IV Tank Released

IL2 Strumovik Tank Crew has been updated to v5.002 including the new Churchill IV Tank. Unfortunately, and with great disappointment just quick battle for it, no missions, no campaign. JMO

After my workout this AM, will be broadcasting a first look of the tank over on my Twitch channel, but most of you here already know what it is and if you want it or not. lol


It usually takes some time for them to create content for the new vehicles. You should be able to grab a tank mission for a different Allied tank and change it to the Church without too much trouble, if you’ve ever used the mission editor before.
If not, well…QMB it is!

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In addition to the QMB, there is Easy Mission Generator for Tank Crew. Missions and scenario templates can be saved, in contrast to QMB, which can’t be saved, AFAIK.

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I use EMG for the planes all the time, forgot about the TC version.

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