IL2 Sturmovik Tank Crew update, first look

IL2 Strumovik just got updated, including the Tank Crew module, with a new M4A2 tank… pretty basic and nothing too new in this update released but a quick first look uploaded from my broadcast if anyone is interested… same as before, basic and unprofessional broadcaster here… as for the Tank Crew update, same as last time… potential but not much here… YET.


Outside a Military Academy in Kiev (I think…they weren’t all that clear on the buildings exact function) that I visited in 2008 (I think) they have a "petting zoo–a bunch of military equipment that you can look at (and touch). They had a Sherman tank from WW II that had a nice round hole from a German gun, 88 mm (I think) punched in it. Probably exSoviet that they had gotten from the US under Lend-Lease (I would think). Not that big but with a lot heavier armor (than I had thought). Interesting that it has been added to IL2…I need to reinstall, update and try it out…(I think I can find it).

I haven’t really checked yet… but you have access to like one tank and map just by having IL-2 BOS installed right? So I could try this out?

This level of “simulation” looks just right for me.

Yes, you can do a Quick Mission and drop yourself on the map with various targets who may or may not be shooting at you. I drove around in the Pz.Kpfw.III last night. As stated, it’s pretty basic, say Battlefield V with better physics for vehicles and weapons. I.E. the main gun projectiles drop quite a bit over a few hundred yards. Sounds are pretty good.

@Magnum50, thanks for the video preview. Helps fill in the blanks before the $70 US purchase. I suppose when you do that, you help fund further development. Haven’t taken the plunge yet, but I like the concept.

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I went for Flying Circus because I love RoF and I got Bodenplatte because I like the previous titles, but I’m not sold on the tanks yet.

Only WWII tanks I’ve really done was WWII Online and Red Orchestra 1 and while it was entertaining it wasn’t enough for me to spend serious time with either. I would definitely need to spend some time with the free ones to make the call, though. As it is I’ve barely used Combined Arms in DCS, although I got the campaign to try that out finally all these years later.

I’m thinking that since these tanks can easily be crewed by one player, that it would be really fun for a platoon (4 tanks with one player each) attacking or defending an objective, with 4 other players providing air support or air recon in HS-129s or Sturmoviks. Although they’ve said that the size of the tanks maps won’t scale well for air campaigns, I can see these combined arms battles as a lot of fun. I remember in WW2OL that it was pretty cool being a grunt and watching the air battles over a town.

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From my limited experience, 1 person in a tank is certainly doable. I’d love to run a few missions or just general horsing around maybe this weekend of whenever in some tanks. I ponied up for tank crew I might as well use it more.

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Has anyone tried mapping the gun barrel/gunsight/turret to a joystick? I’ve got the right Warthog throttle mapped to FWD/REV and my rudder pedals for turning the tank hull, which works really well for maneuvering. But it would sure be nice to use the joystick to aim weapons. Let me know if you figure this one out.


I’d be interested to know this as well.