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I tried to practice ILS landing in XP11. Just happened to pick this airport KLWB. The localizer has a 2.08 degree offset per the chart, and is to the left side of the runway. The runway is 45 degree. Am I suppose to set my course to 43 degree, and line up my VOR needle on approach, and then line up the runway when I have visual? What are people supposed to do with the 0.08 degree? With ILS CAT 1 setting, XP11 let me see the runway starting at 500ft altitude. That does not leave much time to maneuver. It’s less than 1 min, which may not sound too short, but the visual of the ground coming up quickly with the runway not lined up is quite panicking. Wonder how higher ILS categories in real life would feel like.

You just set the course on the ILS chart.
But when it comes to localizers (ILS is a localizer and glideslope) the reading on the needle will be correct no matter what you set as inbound course. At least when considering standard type HSI instrument.
A couple of degrees offset isn’t much.
ILS CAT 1 minimums can go as low as 200’ AGL.

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Yes, it’s 200ft. My mistake. No wonder I felt the time I had was much shorter than 1min.

For the first time, I did set the course at 45 per the chart, and ended up to the left of the runway. That’s when I “discovered” this concept of loc or LDA offset, and that 2.08 degree offset on the chart…

You can keep and save them up. When you get 10 of them you have a whole 8º that you can use at another airport…in DCS.

(…and @Troll wonders why I have so many landing crashes…Hehehe) :open_mouth:


When I safely land or crash? If the latter, I can get there lot quicker

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